Grab your copy of the 5-Day Smoothie Challenge for a healthy, energizing, and refreshing upgrade to your #momlife!

Hey Momma, I’m Jennifer and I am so happy you’re here!


As a busy Mom myself, I know what it’s like to feel overwhelmed with trying to eat healthy. If this is you and you’re SO over carrot sticks + salads everyday and are ready to finally say ADIOS to the broccoli and toddler battles, then you’re in the right place!

Implementing the BMAB smoothie routine changed my life and will change yours (and your kids!) as well.

Getting into a consistent routine with both green smoothies and protein smoothies will help you implement quick, healthy, and nourishing meals into your days. As a a Momma on the go, this is EVERYTHING!

Listen, Momma. I know you’re busy. But just because you’re a Mom doesn’t mean you should put your health on the back burner. In fact, it’s actually the exact opposite. Your kids need you to be fueling your body with healthy, nourishing foods so you can have the energy, mental clarity, and vitality to be a healthy and strong Mom… and smoothies are an AMAZING place to start!


In just 5 days, I’m going to teach you exactly how I went from eating salads and sugar-free foods everyday to implementing one simple smoothie routine that helped me lose 9 pounds, cleansed and rid my body of yucky toxins and build up, AND has been a permanent lifestyle habit in my life for over 5 years now! I’m also going to show you how I got my picky toddler and husband to drink green and protein smoothies daily (which means more fruits and veggies for them….. and is a TOTAL #momwin).

Here’s what you’ll learn inside my 5 Day Smoothie Challenge:

  • Day 1: Why a smoothie routine is realistic and an absolute MUST for busy moms!

    • Think losing weight, having energy, nailing your sweet tooth + consuming more fruits + veggies sound good?

  • Day 2: How to build the perfect smoothie!

    • Literally my secret sauce for making Mom approved smoothies that TASTE INCREDIBLE!

  • Day 3: How to prep, chop, blend, and peel!

    • The ins and outs of getting smart with your time + prep… PERF for busy families!

  • Day 4: How to make and store smoothies that your kids will love!

    • What every Mom needs to know about smoothie storage + kid mastery! (Plus a bonus downloadable smoothie guide from me!!)

  • Day 5: How to create your smoothie routine!

    • Putting it all together + creating your simple smoothie routine!

Plus, you’ll get 1 secret smoothie recipe each day AND at the end of our challenge, you’ll get your hands on my TERRIFIC TEN smoothie edition (with recipes like cookie dough, lime-kiwi blast, chocolate mint + more!) that hasn’t been published anywhere else!

Alright girl, it’s time to get after it! I’ll be sending you 5 emails (1 email a day) so you can get started with all the things you need to create a healthy smoothie routine for yourself and your family. You’ll be getting my best kept secrets and lots of yummy smoothie recipes to get you inspired and motivated to take action! Be sure to forward this page to your best mom friends so they can join in on all the smoothie fun and recipes too!



P.S… I’ve got something special for you, Moma!

Ten of my top, family secret recipes are yours FREE (A $19.99 VALUE!) at the end of the challenge…. and Mommas, ya can’t find these recipes anywhere on the site :-) XO!

You’re on your way, Momma!! I just need to know where to send your 5-Day Smoothie Challenge! Tell me below and I’ll send you your challenge right away!

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