Blossom After Baby

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Blossom After Baby is the secret formula to your BEST life after baby. If you’re tired of an overwhelmed, unorganized, and unhealthy lifestyle, all while still holding onto the baby weight, this is your answer. Inside Blossom After Baby, you’ll discover easy to implement nutrition, fitness, homemaking, and spiritual principles to help YOU take charge of your health, happiness, and longevity as a modern, busy Momma. YOU are the GREATEST EXAMPLE to your children. Commit to being a Mom who treats her body, mind, and spirit well.

Abundant Motherhood Club

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The Abundant Motherhood Club is an exclusive online service that provides the modern day Momma with the tools she needs to truly thrive in Motherhood. From weekly recipes and remedies to exclusive live teachings, real momma friendships, and downloadable guides, members of the Abundant Motherhood Club receive the best of what Blossoming Mommy and Baby has to offer. Because Motherhood should be nothing short of Abundant, Momma!

Grounded + Glowing

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Grounded & Glowing is a self-paced program that teaches women how to break free from habits of stress and anxiety, allowing her to fully awaken to the woman God has called her to be. This program is for the woman who is overwhelmed, rundown, exhausted, and depleted of joy, purpose, and passion for motherhood (and life). Grounded & Glowing will take YOU down a nourishing path, gently ridding past patterns of what’s no longer serving you, while equipping you with the tools you need to cultivate balance, clarity, purpose, and happiness again!

Pregnancy Prep Program

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The Pregnancy Prep Program is all about eliminating the confusion, overwhelm, and uncertainty that comes with optimizing your fertility and ROCKING a healthy pregnancy. Inside, you’ll be taught all the skills you need from prenatal nutrition to postnatal recovery, hospital bags, preggo exercise routines, infant massage and everything in between. No more preparing for baby ALONE! AND let’s just be real… this ain’t your Momma’s old fashion book recommendation We’ve got you and all of your modern pregnancy needs covered, girl!



Mom life can be hard to navigate at times, especially when you’re required to take care of yourself and your tiny humans, all while maintaining your health, home, and relationships. Momma, if you just gave me a virtual AMEN, and you’re looking for a roundup of great resources to help you such as:

  • Smoothie challenges

  • Marriage seminars

  • Productivity academies

  • And SO. MUCH. MORE…..

Then grab your coffee and come on in to the BMAB vault lounge! And be sure to check back frequently! I update the vault every single month with new content!


Looking for exercise programs to do at home or while you’re on the go? BeachBody offers an array of programs from yoga to HIIT, and everything in between! We fully support the BeachBody movement and LOVE the trainers and workouts they have to offer. If you’re stuck in an exercise rut, then this is your calling girl! Take a scroll through their incredible lineup of fitness programs and get to sweating!