Preparing for your pregnancy should be as simple as it is exciting!

Simplify your lifestyle. Detoxify your daily habits. Create a healthy pregnancy.


Preparing for your baby can be a lot - mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically. With endless blogs, books, and “experts” at your finger tips these days, it’s no wonder you feel so overwhelmed! I, too, was once where you’re at… overwhelmed with the noise and opinions of Dr. Google and self-proclaimed experts. I was determined to create a simple, organized plan in order to understand and optimize fertility and ultimately create a healthy, thriving pregnancy!

pregnancy prep

If You Answered Yes…You’re Not Alone! 

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If you’ve ever felt stressed out when trying to increase your chances of getting pregnant or overwhelmed with being newly pregnant and unsure of what to do next… then listen up!

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Imagine being able to prepare for pregnancy without the stress or overwhelm.

  • You’d know what to eat, how to supplement, and the ins and outs of detoxifying your lifestyle

  • You’d learn about the negative impact environmental toxins have on your fertility and pregnancy and EXACTLY what to do about it

  • You’d have the mental tools to master your stress, decision making, and emotions

  • You’d have a wholesome approach to your fertility and pregnancy journey, quite opposite of societal pressures of the 21st century

  • You’d be calm, confident, and well-equipped with the tools you need to truly enjoy your journey

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Introducing The
Pregnancy Prep Plan

A complete plan for optimizing your fertility and creating your healthiest pregnancy!

This strategic, step-by-step program will lead you to making powerful and positive changes in your lifestyle to help you optimize your fertility and create your healthiest pregnancy.

From supplementation, safe exercise, morning sickness strategies and more, you’ll learn simple and tangible advice for how to thrive while trying to conceive or as a pregnant Momma! 

The Pregnancy Prep Plan is an 80 page, downloadable PDF guide that will provide you with the convenience and clarity you need to feel confident and well prepared during your beautiful journey. No more endless searching on the internet or skimming through 300 pages of different books.

The Pregnancy Prep Plan is jam packed with the essentials you need from a holistic, medical and #momlife perspective.


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The Pregnancy Prep Plan Consists Of:

Part 1: Fertility Prep

  • Fertility 101

    • Learn everything you need to know about understanding your cycle, ovulation, ovulation tracking, fertile window, do’s and don’ts, + husband support for enhancing your fertility!

  • Fertility Nutrition + Supplementation

    • Learn how to fuel your body for fertility! In this segment, you’ll closely examine what you’re eating on a regular basis and learn how to properly nourish your body with the right foods and supplementation. You’ll also learn which foods to eliminate in order to MAXIMIZE your fertility. Additionally, you’ll learn all about hormone balance and gain access to amazing resources like seed cycling and more for achieving an optimal hormonal balance.

  • Fertility + Home Environment

    • Learn how things in your environment like cleaners, air quality, makeup and more can be the culprit to major endocrine disrupters that negatively impact your fertility. In this section, you’ll discover how to make simple, safe switches in your environment to help detoxify this area of your life!

  • Fertility + Spirituality

    • Learn how to stay grounded and connected to God as you embark on your journey.

  • Fertility + Exercise

    • Learn the right blend of creating a meaningful exercise routine so it’s effective and restorative (versus harmful) to your body and hormones.

  • Fertility + Social, Emotional, + Relational Health

    • Learn how to cultivate life-giving friendships and relationships, while reducing exposure to toxic relationships and environments in your life.

  • Fertility + Stress Management

    • Properly manage the daily stress in your life by mastering your mind and emotions. Learn how to identify triggers, stressors, and the importance of setting healthy boundaries and strategies through your fertility journey.

  • Fertility Gadgets + Wrap Up

    • Learn the best apps and gadgets from tracking your cycles and temperature to calculating your most fertile window in order to simplify your journey!

Part 2: Pregnancy Prep

  • Pregnancy Planning + Prepping

    • Learn how to create your dream healthcare team, how to register for a birthing class and appointments, and how to create the perfect birthing plan.

  • Pregnancy Smarts

    • Learn how to make safe adjustments with your electronics, decrease exposure to electromagnetic fields, and the 411 on dopplers, ultrasounds, monitors, travel, and sleeping.

  • Pregnancy Nutrition

    • Discover the right nutrition, vitamins, and supplements for your pregnancy. Know what to stay away from, cooking storage details, and food prep safety!

  • Pregnancy Morning Sickness, Aversions, + Cravings

    • Gain immediate access to morning sickness remedies, strategies for aversions, and healthy cravings to supplement with!

  • Pregnancy + Body Changes + Exercise

    • Develop a healthy fitness routine (if able) and standard exercise precautions, learn a positive mindset approach to your changing body, DIY strategies for swollen feet, and of course… Blossoming Mommy And Baby’s signature Belly Butter recipe!

  • Pregnancy + Environmental Health

    • Create an optimal, healthy environment by gently establishing a more natural beauty, home, and cleaning routine to reduce chances of pregnancy risks like pre-term delivery, birth deformities, miscarriage, and more!

  • Pregnancy + Mental, Spiritual, + Emotional Health

    • Be intentional with the growth and stability of your mind, emotions, and soul. Learn what it means to be mentally, spiritually, and emotionally fit and why this is so important for your pregnancy!

  • Pregnancy Symptoms, FAQs, Labor + Delivery

    • Common symptoms experienced during pregnancy by trimester, how to prep for labor and delivery, and a lineup of FAQs to ease your mind!

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What’s Inside The Plan + AMAZING BONUSES!

  • An 80 page PDF (digital file) full of real-life advice, examples, recipes, and workspace to reflect and write after each chapter

  • Specific product recommendations for your fertility and pregnancy

  • Clickable links for easy and direct access to product recommendations inside the program

  • Engage + find support with an exclusive group of Moms, women, and myself

  • After purchase, you’ll be able to download the digital plan to your tablet, phone, or computer instantly

  • (BONUS #1) Demonstration video of infant and toddler massage $97.99 value (FREE)

  • (BONUS #2) 10 fertility + pregnancy recipes musts $29.99 (FREE)

  • (BONUS #3) Weekly Meal + Budget Planner $19.99 (FREE)

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  • Will I get pregnant using the pregnancy prep plan?

    • While I can’t guarantee this, I sure hope you do! I suggest using this plan to make healthy modifications to your lifestyle in addition to working with your doctor or fertility specialist!

  • Do you offer refunds?

    • No. I work very hard to ensure my programs are top of the line and your satisfaction is my utmost importance. I am confident that you will enjoy and learn lots! Therefore, I do not offer any refunds. All sales are final.

  • Is this a hardcopy book?

    • Nope! It’s a digital file, so you’ll have access to it right away and can download to as many devices as you need! I suggest downloading the book and if you prefer a hard copy, upload the digital file to a local printing company like Staples or Office Max to have the book bound!

  • What’s my investment?

    • A one time payment of $59 for a lifetime of tools and wisdom!

  • Is the book overwhelming? I feel very overwhelmed with the information online today.

    • This is exactly why I created the pregnancy prep plan! So you can get everything you need in one, simple spot! Simplicity is the name of the game, sister!

  • I’m currently pregnant. Can I still get the program?

    • Of course! I’d recommend starting on Part 2 of the program, curated just for a healthy pregnancy!

Have another question we didn’t answer? Shoot me an email at!

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