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 Welcome To Blossoming Mommy and Baby's Signature Pregnancy Service, Teaching modern day Mommas how to confidently prepare for pregnancy and the AMAZING journey called Motherhood ahead. 

  • If You are Currently Trying to Conceive 

  • If You are Thinking about Preparing Your Body for Conception within the Next Year 

  • If You are Pregnant 

  • If You are in Your Postnatal Period 

Then Blossoming Mommy and Baby is an ABSOLUTE MUST for you. As a Momma in the making, I'm going to venture out to say that you know EXACTLY what it means to be "overwhelmed" in prepping for baby's arrival.

 Blossoming Mommy and Baby Graduates state that prior to enrolling in our Pregnancy Prep Academy, Anxiety, Stress, and Overwhelm were commonly found in:

  •  Thousands of "Mommy Blogs" suggesting different tips and recommendations.

  • Too much time focusing on the "Glitz and Glamour" of having a child (like swooning over a Pinterest Nursery) instead of focusing on what kind of Mom you'd like to be and how you plan on raising your children.

  • Hundreds of articles and books on what you "should" be doing to prepare for pregnancy.

  • Lack of understanding on how to discover one's "Maternal Intuition"

  • Limited awareness or effort put into communication or relationship with Jesus (Children are one of God's GREATEST blessings!)

  • Complete OVERWHELM resulting in NO preparation or education.

At Blossoming Mommy and Baby, we eliminate confusion, overwhelm, and uncertainty that comes with pregnancy. As a Blossoming Mommy and Baby Member, You'll be taught all the skills you need from prenatal nutrition to postnatal recovery, hospital bags, preggo exercise routines, and everything in between. No more preparing for baby ALONE. 


We're here to PREP You Through Pregnancy + Beyond!


The Complete Pregnancy Prep Course For Modern Day Mommas. Join The Blossoming MOVEMENT. 

Inside Blossoming Mommy and Baby: Prenatal Health Module

Inside Blossoming Mommy and Baby: Prenatal Health Module

Inside Blossoming Mommy and Baby: Pregnancy Health Module

Inside Blossoming Mommy and Baby: Pregnancy Health Module

Inside Blossoming Mommy and Baby: Postnatal Health Module

Inside Blossoming Mommy and Baby: Postnatal Health Module

Inside Blossoming Mommy and Baby: Healthy Touch + Massage Module

Inside Blossoming Mommy and Baby: Healthy Touch + Massage Module

Blossoming Mommy And Baby will transform your journey as an overwhelmed woman to a confident mother who is prepared, in-tune, and equipped with a ROCK solid foundation for baby's arrival through our professional and educational Maternal Health program. 

Blossoming Mommy and Baby is an International Program for Mothers and Soon To Be Mothers who are ready to enroll in a highly instructive, step-by-step curriculum taught by Jennifer Blossom, (Doctor of Occupational Therapy, Occupational Therapist). BMAB can be completed on your own pace at your own time. 

Blossoming Mommy and Baby includes lifetime access to over 25 on-demand videos (classes) and complimentary PDF guides. You may access the entire BMAB program from your computer, tablet, or phone, anywhere in the world (yes... this includes Alaska OR off on the warm beaches of Australia... the choice is yours :) ) 

As a Blossoming Mommy and Baby Member, You will have access to our Private Online Mommy Community- a sacred, safe environment for mothers, connecting women (just like yourself!) all around the world. 

As a Blossoming Mommy and Baby Member, You'll be cared for and educated by a woman who is on a mission to transform the hearts and homes of Mothers around the world. 

Blossoming Mommy and Baby is ready to transform YOU, Momma. Are you ready for a life changing experience? 

As a Blossoming Mommy and Baby Member, you also have direct access to me (Jennifer Blossom), where you'll be able to submit questions, concerns, and additional support during your pregnancy journey. Momma... we're not letting you do this journey alone! 

Blossoming Mommy and Baby is self-directed and self-paced. This means you can complete your program on your own time and at your own pace. Go ahead, pour yourself another glass of lemon water... you've got time, Momma! 

Jennifer has a heart for Jesus and is striving each day to live out the calling HE has placed in her heart. Jennifer beautifully ties her Christian faith into her teachings and believes you too will be moved by God's hand through Blossoming Mommy and Baby. 

STOP searching endlessly through books, blogs, and search engines. At Blossoming Mommy and Baby, we've got you covered. No more stress. No more anxiety. No more frustration. No more confusion. 

  • We make pregnancy preparation ZEN 

  • We make pregnancy preparation FUN 

  • We make pregnancy preparation FABULOUS 

Blossoming Mommy and Baby is The Complete Pregnancy Prep Course For Modern Day Mommas. Join The Blossoming MOVEMENT.

 We're Here To Help You On This Gorgeous Journey Momma. For Only $59 - You Start Investing In Your Family

 But first... We have a few questions for you: 

  • Are you ready to have a baby but are unsure of how to prepare your mind, body, home, and family? 

  • Do you need help in discovering what to eat, how to workout, what to eliminate from your diet and environment, and how to transition into this next stage? 

  • Is it your heart's desire to be a Mom that is prepared and equipped with all things health + wellness for both Momma and Baby (even before your sweet bundle arrives?) 

  • Are you unsure of how to prepare for the arrival of your little one? 

  • Are you trying to conceive and need guidance and counsel on how to prepare your body for optimal fertility? 

Then Blossoming Mommy and Baby is for you. Blossoming Mommy and Baby is a four-course digital service that offers you the basics for building a strong foundation through nutrition, exercise, emotional health, and more, as well as preparing your home and relationships in a non-toxic and nourishing manner. 

  • Your health is our focus and your satisfaction is my heart's mission! 

  • As a graduate of Blossoming Mommy and Baby, my students have yes, gotten pregnant (although this is not guarantee, it is a perk ;) ), learned the ins and outs of what to eat, how to eat, how to detoxify the environment, unhealthy relationships, stress management, and much more!

You will learn effective strategies for prepping yourself and your baby for LIFE! 

  • My goal is that you will come away from this program with the skills and knowledge to understand the importance of good, maternal care, nourishing this amazing vessel and temple that God has blessed you with. 

  • If you've invested time and energy into endless web surfing on how to prepare for baby, how to "get" pregnant, and how to sustain a healthy pregnancy, as well as how to flourish during the postnatal period, look no more! Blossoming Mommy and Baby will provide you with the steps you need to accomplish just this! 

 It's time for YOU to Glow, Momma. Hear from some of our clients below!

 PSSST! Sister! Did we mention clients become family?! It's true! We can't wait to welcome you into the Blossoming Community!) 

 “ I went through the prenatal care portion and have loved learning everything that Jenni has offered to teach about. I love how she breaks down everything in an easy way to understand each topic. She is so personable with how she presents each topic. I was surprised to learn how soy isn't as good for you as I thought. Time to make a change to having almond milk more often! I cannot wait to start the next modules! This really has inspired me to be more holistic in all areas of my life! I also love that she focuses on Spirituality and that she is a Christian as well! I think that I could keep going on, but I will stop here. I cannot wait to go through the Pregnancy Care, Postnatal Care, and Infant Massage! -Jen S

Jenni has turned my outlook around on becoming a Mom. she ignited a fire in me to better myself so that my future baby can grow and blossom. I was nervous bout becoming a new momma. I am now confident that I have the tools to continue on my pregnancy journey thanks to this amazing gal! Jenni, you have been a light in my life from the start of this program. I was so excited to learn each lesson from you. I carry my notebook with all your classes in my purse with me at all times so I am equipped everyday. Your commitment to guiding women who are new moms (as well as veteran moms) is heartwarming. Thank you for shaping my path to motherhood! I can't stop telling my husband about all I learned from your classes! -Sarah H

Jenni's community, Blossoming Mommy + Baby, is a wonderful resource in an area where information in our society is lacking. This is a well-rounded comprehensive program, complete with brand name recommendations of products she actually uses herself as well as informational and educational handouts following the lessons. I am not actively trying to conceive currently, however, with Jenni's tips, I am preparing my body and environment for the prenatal process by cleaning up my lifestyle. I am a registered nurse who has spent my career in women's healthy/OB and I still learned a wealth of knowledge! Thank you, Jenni for all of your hard work while putting this community together and sharing it with us! -Amber C.

Mommas, we are committed to educating, empowering, and serving you through Motherhood. Start your pregnancy journey off the RIGHT way. 

 Now it's YOUR TURN. Become The Mother You are Destined to Be!

Take a Gorgeous Look Inside Your Pregnancy Prep Course! It's TOTALLY MOMMY OBSESSED AND BLISSFUL! Below you'll find the exact curriculum within Blossoming Mommy and Baby. Over 25 videos, 4 separate modules (prenatal health, pregnancy health, postnatal health, infant massage). Each module is designated to that portion of your pregnancy. As your body changes, so do your needs (and baby's). We adapt each module to cater to you throughout your beautiful pregnancy journey.  

Module 1: Prenatal Health

Module 2: Pregnancy Health

Module 3: Postnatal Health


Module 4: Infant Massage

  • Prenatal Nutrition

What should you be eating to prepare for baby? How should you be nourishing your body to optimize fertility? Inside you'll learn my top tips, nutritional recommendations, and MORE for optimizing conception and reproductive health.

  • Prenatal Environment

    In this video, you'll learn our top 10 steps to better your environment for a healthy pregnancy.

  • Prenatal Spirituality

    Inside this video, you'll learn that the word of God is living. You'll also learn how to pray for your pregnancy and how to solidify your foundation in Jesus before the arrival of your little one.

  • Prenatal Exercise

    In this video, you'll learn healthy exercise routines for your body during the prenatal period.

  • Prenatal Healthy Relationships

    You'll learn how to develop relationships that are loving, nurturing, supportive, and friendly. Inside this video, you'll also learn our signature 10 Step guide for creating and sustaining healthy relationships and how to eliminate the toxic ones!

  • Prenatal Zen

    Just how it sounds. Learn to get your ZEN ON.

  • Prenatal Wrap Up!

  • You're Pregnant.. Now What??

    Psalm 127:3 “children are a gift from the Lord; they are a reward from him” (NLT)

  • Pregnancy Nutrition

    Focusing on changing, improving, and modifying your current habits, with an overall goal to lay a good and healthy foundation for your growing baby. Remember, what you eat, your baby will eat also. Nutrition is so important for the health, growth, and future of you and your child.

  • Pregnancy Exercise

    How should you exercise during pregnancy?

  • Environmental Care

    Learn the do's and don'ts of environmental care during pregnancy!

  • Body + Mind + Spirit

    Inside, you'll learn about the connection between body, mind, and spirit… and why this is so important to tune into during pregnancy and beyond.

  • Nesting

    The nesting time period is a beautiful and intuitive time period leading up to the arrival of your baby. For some women, nesting happens towards the end of her pregnancy, and for others, it happens weeks before.

  • Pregnancy Wrap Up!

  • The Knowledge of Touch + Bonding Before Baby's Arrival

    Learn how to bond with baby before birth. Inside this video, you'll learn how to create a nourishing, connective relationship between mama and baby.

  • Growing Family

    Proverbs 22:6 “Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old they will not turn from it”.

  • Natural Motherhood

    Learn how to embrace and engage in this beautiful journey using a natural, nourishing, and holistic approach, with an overall goal to support and nourish your child’s development and the mother-infant bond.

  • Breast Feeding + Nutrition

    Benefits of + How To/Helpful Knowledge

  • Postpartum Exercise

    What should you be doing?

  • Home Healing

    Learn how to heal at home through natural living and healthy routines.

  • Postpartum Optimism + Community Engagement

    Learn how to steer clear of postpartum depression with our helpful tips and insights catered to postnatal Mommas.

  • Behavioral + Sensory Approach for Newborns

    Learn the ins and outs of ummy time, physical development, sensory experience.

  • Infant Massage Introduction

    Grab all the details on infant massage: The benefits, History, and Basic facts!

  • Leg + Feet Routine

    Jennifer teaches you a simple lower body routine!

  • Arm + Hand Routine

    Jennifer teaches you a simple upper body routine!

  • Chest + Tummy Routine

    Jennifer teaches you a simple tummy routine!

  • Head + Back Routine

    Jennifer teaches you a simple head and back routine!


 Hear the LOVE + TRANSFORMATION from a few of our featured graduates below! Mommas, this PREP COURSE WILL MAKE AN IMPACT!

 “ Before starting the Blossoming Mommy and Baby program, I was nervous about a lot of things. This will be our first child and there was so much I didn't know. I was worried about everything I needed to do to make sure that I would have a health pregnancy. After the program I feel so much more prepared. I feel like I have done everything in my power to make sure that my baby has a healthy start to life. This program was not only super informative, but it was fun! Jenni makes her videos something to look forward to watching. She is so "real" for lack of a better word. It is a great supplement to any book on the subject because the videos are far from boring :). The Blossoming Mommy and Baby Community that Jenni has set up is an amazing place for all women at any stage in their pregnancy journey to ask questions and share stories. And on top of that, Jenni shares the most amazing recipes! I highly recommend the program. -Jessica S.

When I started the BMAB program I was TTC but I am happy to announce that I am now expecting my 2nd little one! I was actually very optimistic about the BMAB program. We had been struggling to conceive for a while now and had recently gotten to know Jenni fairly well so I really trusted her knowledge and advice. My hope in joining the program was to become more knowledgeable about how to increase fertility through personal care, wellness, and health and learn to sustain a healthy pregnancy. Through this program, I have gained wisdom and insight on how different foods and health choices can affect fertility. I loved Jenni's recommendations for increasing fertility such as her Fertility Smoothie Recipes ( LOVE!!!), but I think my favorite part of the program is the online community- daily encouragement/advice, healthy/fun snack ideas for toddlers, food/health education, interaction with other mamas and a loving, joyful community. Everyday I am excited to see what will be posted in the online community! There are also exclusive emails that go out with fun recipes and exciting tips for mamas! This program definitely encouraged me to keep going during our conception struggle and now encourages me daily as I move forward in my pregnancy. I am now in my second trimester but my nausea is still going strong, so I love the healthy tips and snack ideas. I learned from BMAB plus I love the quick snack and play ideas for my toddler since I don't always feel up to cooking or running around with him at the moment. More than anything, I just love the positivity and encouragement of the program! Put your fears aside and give BMAB a try! it is so worth it and you will ABSOLUTELY love Jenni and all she has to offer through this program! If nothing else, you will receive daily encouragement and who doesn't need more positivity in their life? This program is seriously so helpful and worth the investment. You and your littles are worth it! -Kenna B

Powerful, Right? Your transformation story is NEXT!  

Read to ROCK your BUMP? Knowledge is Power, My Darling. 

Your GLOWING pregnancy journey is my heart's greatest desire! I truly look forward to meeting you, sweet Momma!
Sending you love and health,  



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