The Blossom After Baby Postpartum Method is designed exclusively for busy and overwhelmed postpartum mommas just like you! Momma, if you are tired of simply going through the motions of "Mom Life" without looking or feeling your best, this program is for YOU! You don't have to keep neglecting yourself and living short of your full potential as a woman simply because you became a mom.

Here's the thing, sister... when you're constantly pouring from a cup that is empty, you're unable to be fully present and show up day in and day out ready to care and pour into your children. 

Listen, Momma-It doesn't have to be this way!
By Adopting The Blossom After Baby Way Of Life, You Will:

YOU, MOMMA are the GREATEST role model for your littles! Your happiness + positive energy should SHINE through you! It's time for you to begin leading by example, as your children are ALWAYS watching, listening, and learning how to take care of themselves by how YOU actively take care of yourself. 

Blossom After Baby is the secret formula to your BEST life after baby. If you’re tired of living an unorganized, unhealthy lifestyle and overwhelmed with how to change... this is your answer. Inside Blossom After Baby, you’ll discover easy to implement nutrition, fitness, homemaking, and spiritual principles to help YOU take charge of your health, happiness, and longevity as a new, busy Momma. No more chaos + confusion! This is healthy living made EASY!



As a healthcare professional, I've seen an increase in the amount mothers who are burning the candle at both ends and ultimately losing themselves in their motherhood journey. Unfortunately, this approach to motherhood leads to throwing away basic health and wellness strategies and reaching for quick fixes, extreme dieting, exercise trends, and comparison.

It's time you start taking care of yourself. Have confidence in YOUR ability to live abundantly as a wife, woman, and mother. YOU deserve this way of life and your precious little needs a mother who isn't exhausted, negative, and making poor health choices.

For me, this is a non-negotiable way of motherhood. Here are my results after 5 months of using BAB, The Postpartum Method. 

In 5 months, I've lost 53 pounds and am as healthy as I’ve ever been! No, I’m not at pre baby weight yet and that’s okay! 🍉🥒🥗 This postpartum stage is a journey- exactly how I designed this program for you. This program is not a 21 or 30 day program. It’s a lifestyle. One that will teach you how to eat, exercise, incorporate self-care routines, protect your time and priorities, and structure your days to maximize your motherhood journey for the rest of your life. ♥️ 

The BAB Postnatal Method Will Guide You Through This Refreshing, NEW Approach to Motherhood!

Discover The Blueprint!

 Motherhood is not just another check on your to-do list. You have been called to do Kingdom Work. Rise UP and learn to take care of yourself so you can raise mighty children. The cost of not taking care of yourself is paralyzing. If you're stuck in a rut or with bad habits of exhaustion, poor nutrition, minimal fitness, overwhelm, body shaming, negative self-talk, negative body image, poor organization and structure throughout your day, and a nagging relationship in your marriage, then it's up to you to commit to change. Your other option is to continue living the way you are, teaching your children the same habits YOU live by. Choose to LEAVE AN INCREDIBLE LEGACY FOR YOUR FAMILY, MOMMA! YOU CAN DO IT! All you need to do is Commit To The 5 Signature Principles Inside Blossom After Baby. 



Thousands of Mommas around the globe use the Blossoming Mommy And Baby approach to life and notice better sleep, healthier meals, joy in life, more energy, better skin, a more positive and confident attitude, healthier kids, happier homes, and overall a new way of living that is sustained for years to come! 

Blossom After Baby will completely transform the way you feel and how you approach life. You'll understand health and wellness from a deep and unique approach that will teach you how to live your best and how to achieve optimal wellness each and everyday. This is the BEST postnatal program on the market today and one that will truly change the course of your motherhood journey!

How It Works + What's Included: 

How it Works: 

  1. Purchase Blossom After Baby and immediately receive your downloadable + printable plan (PDF file format)
  2. Join the Blossom After Baby Community Support and 24/7 Access Facebook Group
  3. Decide and FULLY COMMIT to this new, revolutionary way of living... The Blossoming Mommy + Baby Way
  4. Experience INCREDIBLE RESULTS! In combination of my medical background and personal Momma experience, this program WORKS and will completely help you transform the way you eat, cook, think, parent, exercise, organize, and LIVE. 

What's Included: 

  • 100+ page digital workbook/postnatal guide 
    • Postpartum Momma Basics 
    • Defining Your Why 
    • GOAL Setting 
    • Tracking Your Progress 
    • Fitness + Nutrition 
    • Meal Prep + Planning 
    • Self-Care Routines + Rituals 
    • Daily Structure + Organization 
    • Marriage + Postpartum Mental Health 
    • Signature Blossom After Baby Toolkit
      • Salad Builder 
      • Smoothie Builder (Protein + Green Smoothies!
      • Movement Guidelines  
      • Budget Planner 
      • Meal Prep Organizer 
      • Snack Chart 
      • Momma Musts-Haves

Blossom After Baby Program Transformations: