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Blossom After Baby is a holistic postpartum plan that gives burned out Moms the tools to cultivate a healthy, happy, and thriving Motherhood.


There are two roads you can travel through motherhood.

Road #1: A bumpy trail full of exhaustion, poor lifestyle habits and “mom-fog”. You’re short and snappy, always running on empty, and have lost control of your schedule and health.

Road #2: An intentionally paved path filled with discipline and organization, healthy choices, a strong and fit mom bod, and abundant self-care. Your kids and husband LOVE this version of you because your cup is full and you’re able to pour life and love into those around you.

Which road will you choose to travel down? Don’t trick yourself into thinking that “surviving” day by day is an effective way to journey through motherhood. Try imagining yourself journeying down road #2. As your journey progresses, you begin to discover that you’re the absolute healthiest, happiest, and most organized Mom you’ve ever been.

Friend, this abundant journey through motherhood is possible with Blossom After Baby. Mom life can happen to you or you can intentionally show up and create the meaningful, healthy and thriving motherhood you long for. If you’re ready to look and feel your best and ready to take back your health and homemaking after baby, then don’t wait a second longer.

Blossom After Baby Transformations to Inspire You!

Blossom After Baby’s unique, holistic approach to mom life is designed to help you create long lasting healthy lifestyle practices. Here’s Why It’s an Absolute MUST for you:

  • You’ve had a baby (or babies!) and are tired of neglecting yourself and your health and are truly looking for a permanent + sustainable lifestyle plan AS A BUSY MOM.

  • You’ve dipped into fad diets, quick fixes, exercise trends and find yourself frustrated and always back at square one.

  • You don’t even know where to start with getting back on track and are feeling super overwhelmed in every aspect of wellness and Motherhood.

  • You don’t have any routines in play-no cleaning routine, no nourishing nighttime routine, no structure in your day and you’re sick and tired of running around exhausted.

  • You’re dry emotionally, spiritually, and relationally and are just now realizing these are important aspects of your Motherhood and wellbeing.

  • Your body is soft and you’d like to learn how to workout and keep up with it consistently, even as a busy Mom.

  • Your food choices stink. You don’t know what to eat, how to eat, or what to feed your family…… and you REALLY want to get away from fast food, packaged snacks, and frozen dinners.

Here’s How Your Blossom After Baby Plan Works:


Purchase Blossom After Baby and immediately receive your 100+ page professionally designed downloadable + printable plan (PDF file format)

  1. Pour yourself a cozy cup of coffee or a green smoothie and dive in! You’ll quickly discover how to discover your WHY (and why this is so important for your success!), how to set and track goals, and how to organize and structure your #momlife. You’ll also ave access to the signature BMAB smoothie + salad builders, Momma fitness tracker, budget planner, meal prep organizer, snack charts, and most importantly… you’ll quickly discover how to master these 5 postpartum principles: physical, nutritional, emotional, spiritual, and homemaking. In doing so, you’ll create a simple, healthy, happy, and thriving motherhood!


Take a look at the 5 principles taught inside your Total Postpartum Plan!

  1. Principle 1: Body Balance

    • Learn how to workout, how to fuel your body for maximum energy, and my top secrets for having a tight, tone, and FIT Mom body!

  2. Principle 2: God Centered Motherhood

    • Learn how to structure your day so you can refresh and prioritize your relationship with Christ, no matter how busy you are! This section of the plan is ALL about helping you become a woman of faith so you can in return pour into those you love!

  3. Principle 3: Self-Care For Busy Moms

    • Learn how to create and implement daily, nourishing self-care routines so you can look and feel your best. Once you master this section, you’ll realize that it IS possible to journey through motherhood without feeling overwhelmed or burned out because you know how to care for YOU!

  4. Principle 4: Mental Stabilization

    • Learn how to master your mind and mental health! If you’re struggling with stress,depression, anxiety, or overwhelm, this section will help you get to the root cause. You’ll learn how to create space and calmness in order to achieve a more positive and passionate approach to mom life!

  5. Principle 5: Family Cooking + Meal Prepping

    • Learn how to master healthy cooking, family meal prep, and daily smoothies so you can shed + sustain a healthy weight, incredible energy, and so you can nourish your family well!

    Once you download your plan……

  1. You’ll gain access to a private Facebook group where you can connect with me and other Moms for amazing support and community!

  2. Decide and FULLY COMMIT and embrace your new, nourishing approach to Motherhood!

  3. Experience INCREDIBLE RESULTS! Things like….

    • Mastering your time and priorities

    • Approaching Motherhood with a positive approach, not a burdened mindset

    • Developing healthy + simple routines for cleaning, self-care, appointments, workouts, meal planning and anything else your #momlife embraces!

    • Developing a stronger + more consistent relationship with Christ

    • Establishing healthy eating + exercise habits as a busy Mom

    • Losing your baby weight + discovering what it’s like to have a strong body after baby

    • Learning how to eat well + prioritize healthy meals for your family

    • Improved anger, anxiety, and stress management

    • Becoming emotionally, relationally, and spiritually fit

    • Learning how to get up earlier and be more productive

    • Simplifying your Motherhood so you can focus on your priorities

    • Finding your energy and purpose again so you can show up and be a happy, healthy Mom for your kids!

Motherhood is not just another check on your to-do list. I believe that being a Mom is our greatest God-given responsibility, which is why it is so important for you to take care of yourself. How you take care of yourself is how you are teaching your kids to take care of themselves. Blossom After Baby Will show you how to create and live your best Mom life, FULL OF HEALTH, LOVE, AND ABUNDANCE! Choose to LEAVE AN INCREDIBLE LEGACY FOR YOUR FAMILY, MOMMA! YOU CAN DO IT! 

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Join Blossom After Baby TODAY + enjoy your healthier + happier approach to Motherhood!

Less Stress. Less Mess. Less Overwhelm.
More Strength. More Structure. More Happiness.


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