Hi, I’m Jennifer Blossom! I’m a mom of one, Occupational Therapist, and CEO/Founder of Blossoming Mommy And Baby.

I am SUPER passionate about helping Mothers become the best versions of themselves through healthy, simple, and holistic lifestyle practices. For over 6 years now, I have worked with thousands of Moms around the world who have completely lost themselves in motherhood. The stress. The overwhelm. The chaos. It takes over fast and unfortunately, now more than ever Moms are just trying to survive day by day instead of truly showing up and enjoying their Motherhood journey!

Blossoming Mommy And Baby is a digital wellness brand for Moms and was founded in 2013 as I started my journey in the healthcare field. The more I worked, the more I saw countless Mothers being misled and misguided on what wellness really means and why it is a pivotal piece to any thriving home. Fad diets, quick fixes, the dismissal of mental health, busyness, and the withdrawal of homemaking is something I am passionate about putting an end to.

  • Who We Are: I may be the face of the brand, but I’ve got an incredible team of 6 women right by my side, working passionately to reshape the face of Motherhood.

  • What We Do: We help overwhelmed Moms simplify healthy living and modern homemaking so she can create a meaningful Motherhood.

  • Who We Serve: Modern Moms

  • How We Serve: Through digital services and programs, podcast, social media content, live events and conferences, live video, group coaching, and strategic brand partnerships.

  • Core Values:

    • Excellence + Integrity

    • Humble + Ambitious

    • Family First

    • Lead with the Heart of Jesus

    • Honor the Journey

    • Health + Happiness

    • Creative + Professional

    • Cultivate Community


My Story: I grew up in a small fishing town just south of Anchorage, Alaska and after 7.5 years of college, grad school, and becoming a Doctor of Occupational Therapy, I returned back to my hometown with my husband Brian, our son Brody, and yellow lab Tucker. I LOOOOVE living a slow, simple, country inspired life, with a good cup of coffee, and a LOOOONG Target run. My favorite season is winter and I thrive on slow weekends filled cozy meals, trail runs, good movies, and family time!

I am now at a place personally and professionally where I truly believe God has equipped me to help Modern Mommas like yourself develop the tools and skills to create a meaningful motherhood. For years I struggled with eating disorders, panic and anxiety attacks, infertility, and postpartum anxiety. Through my valleys, I had no choice but to continue moving forward and in doing so, I discovered the tools to cultivate a gentle and nourishing approach to life and momma-hood.


Blossoming Mommy + Baby’s

Holistic Approach To Motherhood:

I pour my heart and soul into everything we do here at the BMAB brand and have trained my team of professionals to do the same because Mommas… we want you to become the EXCEPTIONAL MOTHER you were born to be! When you learn how to take care of yourself, your children, your home, and your community are positively (and forever!) impacted! Start your BMAB journey here!

Welcome to the BMAB family, Momma! Your meaningful Motherhood awaits!