Hi, I’m Jennifer Blossom! I’m a mom of one, Occupational Therapist, and CEO/Founder of Blossoming Mommy And Baby.


It’s my heart filled mission to help moms like yourself simplify healthy living and modern homemaking!

Blossoming Mommy And Baby was founded in 2013 with a passion for fitness and nutrition. In fact, I founded the company the same year I started grad school as I worked to obtain my doctorate in occupational therapy.

As I ventured long and hard through grad school, Blossoming Mommy and Baby became my creative outlet. It was a safe space for me to share what I was learning and my own health journey.

Little by little, I began to piece together my own health challenges. I struggled privately with crippling panic and anxiety attacks and disordered eating, which at one point became so severe that I almost dropped out of school.

As I learned more about my body and how to heal, I started to share my story of hope and redemption online.

The overwhelming response from women struggling with their own health issues led me to recognize the importance of education and support that women needed in order to live with a more simplified, holistic approach to life.

After 3.5 years of grad school, I received my Doctorate in Occupational Therapy and quickly got to work in the healthcare field. It was then also that Blossoming Mommy And Baby quickly grew and evolved from a fitness and nutrition brand, to a brand that focused on curating a more simplified and holistic, mind-body-soul approach to women’s health.

Ironically, this was also the same time that I began my 2.5 year struggle with infertility. During this season, my heart for moms and the wellbeing of mothers grew astronomically! Because I was both in the healthcare field and on my own motherhood journey, I quickly saw the gap between the tools and support moms needed to create a healthy, happy, and more simplified approach to motherhood.

As I began to share my expertise and experience in the form of digital content and products and in-person events, I saw first-hand the transformation that moms began to have. It was incredible! From burnout and complete survival mode to moms truly showing up and thriving in motherhood, the Blossoming Mommy And Baby lifestyle quickly became a modern, realistic, and positive approach to motherhood. And the rest is history!

My family has grown (my husband Brian and I welcomed our first son Brody into the world in 2018!) and The Blossoming Mommy And Baby team has grown to a team of 5 amazing Momma bears who work passionately to help simplify healthy living for thousands upon thousands of mothers, worldwide!

  • Who We Are: I may be the face of the brand, but I’ve got an incredible team of 5 women right by my side, working passionately to reshape the face of Motherhood.

  • What We Do: We help overwhelmed Moms simplify healthy living and modern homemaking so she can create a meaningful Motherhood.

  • Who We Serve: Modern Moms

  • How We Serve: Through digital services and programs, our podcast show, social media content, live events and conferences, live video calls, group coaching, and strategic brand collaborations + partnerships.

  • Core Values:

    • Excellence + Integrity

    • Humble + Ambitious

    • Family First

    • Lead with the Heart of Jesus

    • Honor the Journey

    • Health + Happiness

    • Creative + Professional

    • Cultivate Community

Here at Blossoming Mommy And Baby, we work hard to ensure that Mommas like yourself have access to the right tools and experiences you need to create a meaningful motherhood!


Blossoming Mommy + Baby’s

Holistic Approach To Motherhood:

You were created to THRIVE in your motherhood journey, Momma! No more just going through the motions or mundane. No more complaining your way through motherhood. And no more fueling your body and mind with things that have zero (or negative) value. It’s time to get on the right path for your life and motherhood. AND it’s never (EVER!) too late to start. We’re here right now with a fresh cup of coffee and a welcoming hand to invite you into the most supportive motherhood community in the world.

Remember, the way you show up and care for yourself MATTERS. When you learn how to take care of yourself mentally, physically, spiritually, emotionally, and within your home~ your life (and the life of those around you) will forever change.


Welcome to the BMAB family, Momma! Let’s create your healthiest and happiest motherhood!

Jennifer + team