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Learn how to master your mind by gaining control over your thoughts and feelings!

Manage your emotions. Turn impatience into patience.
Stay calm and stable when motherhood feels chaotic and uncertain.

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Managing your emotions and thought patterns can be SO overwhelming, especially as a Mom! The pressure society places on you to be happy and perfect (all the time) is causing more stress, more anxiousness, and more mental health conditions then ever before.

I, too, was once where you’re at, overwhelmed with my mind and emotions and truthfully, I didn’t know where to turn for help. After struggling with years of intense anxiety attacks, panic attacks, and postpartum anxiety, I was determined to learn the tools I needed to master my mind, emotions, and mental health.

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If You Answered Yes, You’re NOT Alone!

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A recent study reported that over 50% of new moms don’t get the metal health support they need. If you find yourself struggling with your mental health and are unsure of how to get back to being the healthy, happy Mom you know you’re meant to be… then listen up!

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Jennifer Blossom is a Doctor of Occupational Therapy, #boymom and CEO/Founder of Blossoming Mommy And Baby.

Jennifer Blossom is a Doctor of Occupational Therapy, #boymom and CEO/Founder of Blossoming Mommy And Baby.

Introducing The Momma’s Mental Health E-Course!

An online, action-packed video course filled with the strategies and tools you need to master your mind, emotions, and mental health.

This dynamic online course will teach you how to recognize, get rid of, and transform unhealthy mental and emotional habits so you can be present and stable for what matters most in your life,

The Momma’s Mental Health E-Course is a seven module video course complete with an action packed workbook that will provide you with the guidance, education, and accountability you need to move through your mental roadblocks and into a new season of mental growth, stability, and clarity.

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So, what all do I get in this course??

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Momma’s Mental Health E-Course Details:

Module 1: How To Understand Your Mental Health

  • Module 1.1: Mental Health and Moms (it’s more common then you think)

  • Module 1.2: The Reality of Why Self-Help Books AREN’T The Answer (And What Is!)

  • Module 1.3: Making Time For Your Mental Health

Module 2: How To Heal Your Mind, Thoughts, and Emotions

  • Module 2.1: The Two H’s Of The Past

  • Module 2.2: The Spiritual Battlefield

  • Module 2.3: Simple + Effective Strategies For Overcoming Your Mental Health

Module 3: How To Protect and Manage Your Mental Health

  • Module 3.1: Controlling Your Thought Patterns

  • Module 3.2: Implementing Strategic Coping Windows

  • Module 3.3: Creating a Mental Support Routine


It’s time to make small, simple changes in your mind, Momma! Let’s do this!

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Okay, Jen… I need this, but I have a few questions before I get started…

  • $99 is a lot of money for me and my family. Will this course really help?

    • How often do you walk into Target for new diapers and walk out with a cart full of home decor, junk from the clearance bin, and Starbucks? Unlike this target trip, your hard earned money will go directly towards an investment in yourself, your family, and your legacy. The investment you make into yourself can feel scary, but I truly believe that lasting change happens when we invest in ourselves. I work extremely hard to make my programs as affordable as possible. In fact, if I were to take you on as a client, I would charge upwards of $350 and hour! Sweet Momma, take advantage of my knowledge as an occupational therapist and mom packaged in a way that is affordable and effective. I am on your team!

  • I’m busy and have 3 kids. I need this but I don’t know if I’ll have the time to complete it?

    • There is nothing worse than buying a program and never completing it. This is why I’ve created all of my videos between nine and twenty minutes, so you can get exactly what you need to get, no fluff. You can schedule out 10 to 30 minutes a day or if you are feeling really ambitious, you can actually complete this whole program in one day! Inside the plan, I show you how to make the most out of structuring and scheduling your course in order to be successful with your progress and results.

  • Do you offer refunds?

    • I do not offer refunds. Because this is digital content, once you purchase the program you have immediate access to it. For that reason, all sales are final.

  • Will I only have access to this course for a year?

    • How does forever sound?! Once you purchase the program you will have lifetime access and free access to all course updates in the future! Score!

  • What if I still have a few more questions?

OH, did someone say BONUSES?!
You better believe it, Momma!

When you purchase the Momma’s Mental Health E-Course, you’ll get immediate access to these 2 AMAZING bonuses plus a discount coupon code to the BMAB store!


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