Meet Our Team

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CEO + Founder: Jennifer Blossom

What I do at BMAB: I’m the dreamer. The visionary. The voice behind the brand...but y’all I’m nothing without our team! I wear many different hats as the CEO/Founder~ from content creation to podcast interviews, live events and more, my role is to be the light and encouragement you need to live your BEST Momma life!  

What I love about my role at BMAB: I love the ability to teach, encourage, and positively impact Moms all over the world!

Where's home: Alaska! (brrr... I know!) 

Who's your family: Wife to Brian. Momma to Brody. 

Favorite bingworthy show: Parenthood + Hallmark Christmas movies

Favorite BMAB recipe or remedy: Gluten free banana bread! 

Why I LOVE motherhood: My heart soaks up and pours out so much love! There truly is no better job than being a Momma. It’s the hardest yet most rewarding job in the world! I love seeing the world through my son’s eyes... everything is so magical. So simple. So joyous!! And that, my friends is a gift! 

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Chief Operating Officer: Courtney Wolf

What I do at BMAB: A little bit of everything!! From PR work, to alllll the organization, to being chief of staff, I wear many hats for the brand!

What I love about my role at BMAB: I truly thrive behind the scenes by keeping communications organized and daily tasks flowing seamlessly. I have a huge heart for mommas and doing something to impact other mothers and their legacy is a dream come true.

Where's home: Jacksonville, FL! Give me all the warmth + sunshine!

Who's your family: I’m a wife to Dakota, momma to two adorable boys- Denver and Baylor who are 18 months apart, and I am currently expecting twin girls!!

Favorite bingworthy show: I’m all about a good Netflix binge! Gilmore Girls is always my go-to!

Favorite BMAB recipe or remedy: Hands down- Tatertot Casserole! My boys can’t get enough! My favorite part? ALLLL the added veggies they don’t even notice ;)

Why I LOVE motherhood: Give me all the baby snuggles!! And newborn smells and toddler sing alongs, and “love you mommas”! I simply can’t get enough of being my boys’ momma and it is an incredible honor raising them to know and love God for who He is and why He created each of them.

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Brand Assistant: Shanis Walter

What I do at BMAB: Create beautiful content for a fun and cohesive feed!

What I love about my role at BMAB: I LOVE being creative and showing it through the photos I create! 

Where's home: Home is currently in Florida BUT my heart is in Illinois.

Who's your family: My husband Christopher, our four children Mackenna, Greyson, Shea, and Leighton, and, of course, our rescue dog Bluebell!

Favorite bingworthy show: GREYS ANATOMY!

Favorite BMAB recipe or remedy: the green smoothie and the elderberry syrup!

Why I LOVE motherhood: I love watching them grow into young adults. Remembering them in diapers and now hearing the colleges they hope to one day attend, cheering them on during games, and helping shape them into kind and caring humans. There is no better feeling than listening to them talk about life goals while remembering they were babies not that long ago, just learning to say “mama.” You realize the sleepless nights, the worrying, all of it was so worth it, because everything you have taught them has turned them into this amazing person. 

Podcast Editorial Assistant: Abby Struffert

What I do at BMAB:
 I edit and upload podcast episodes and show notes. It’s my job to make sure you have access to the best mommy and baby podcast show out there!

What I love about my role at BMAB: Having been an avid BMAB podcast listener, it’s such a fun experience to be behind the scenes, helping Jenni put out this amazing content in a timely and professional manner. Supporting the BMAB brand in any capacity is a dream but considering the impact this podcast show has had on my heart, I feel this department is right where I need to be!

Where’s home: Anchorage, Alaska

Who’s your family: I’m a wife to CJ and a mommy to two beautiful girls – Tess and Lyla.

Favorite bingeworthy show: Gilmore girls and Friends are my go-to!

Favorite BMAB recipe or remedy: Chocolate chip banana bread muffins – my husband agrees!

Why I LOVE motherhood: My purpose on this earth has never been clearer, above ALL, I’m a wife and momma. The moment I became a mommy, my whole life changed, and I view things so differently -- it’s truly God’s greatest blessing! Watching my girls grow, learn, thrive, and experience life makes my heart so happy!