Three Simple (and safe!) DIY Natural Teething Remedies

Three Simple (and safe!) DIY Natural Teething Remedies


Breast milk popsicles: These are AWESOME and super easy to make! If you have a breast pump, use it to extract 8 oz of milk. If you don’t have a pump, you can self-extract 8 oz of milk, but I highly recommend getting even a manual pump for this one! Once you have your milk, simply pour into these molds, cover, and let freeze for 3-4 hours. When babe is ready to teeth, take out and viola! Tip: you’ll want your little to have a bib on~these are wet!

  1. Teething Mesh Feeders: Place frozen fruit (I recommend banana, berries, pear, peaches, mango) or ice chips inside mesh feeder. *Watch for allergies or reactions if this is your child’s first time trying a certain food. You may want to talk to your doctor first before adding in fruits here to make sure you’re selecting the right options for your little.

  2. Banana pops: Take one whole banana, cut in quarters, then place on center ofthese plastic popsicle holders. Freeze for at least 60 minutes. Make sure you watch your little closely with this option to ensure NO choking. If you have a very small babe, I recommend starting with the mesh feeder first.

  3. Homemade Smoothie Pops: Inside The Blossom After Baby Postpartum Plan– use the smoothie builder to create an array of smoothies, then fill your smoothie pop bags with different blends! Your baby (and older kiddos!) will LOVE this healthier, BMAB version of Otter Pops AND it will feel great on their gums :).


Natural Teething Remedies