Natural Remedies for a Urinary Tract Infection

We know that UTI's can be an uncomfortable and sometimes frequent part of life, especially for our sisters who are trying to conceive. Whether you are experiencing frequent UTIs or an occasional UTI once or twice a year, it is my hope that these tips will help relieve your symptoms and get you on the road to recovery, Momma!!

First things first, a general medical disclaimer. These tips should NEVER replace the advice from your medical provider, plain and simple. Now... onto the remedies!

  1. The first step I always suggest to others and take on myself is to CALL my primary care provider. A UTI is just as it sounds- an infection of your urinary tract. Now ladies, hear my heart- infections are not something to mess with! Just to be on the safe side, give your doctor a call to see if he/she wants to start you on antibiotics or at home treatments. Either way, it's a always a good idea to remain on the safe side!

  2. The second step you can implement is arming your home with helpful remedies that aid in healing the body (in our case.. the urinary tract!) A few of my favorite recommendations include:

    1. Water, Water, Water (and lots of it!) Water will help in "flushing out" your system and any bacteria that may be lingering.

    2. Heat. Apply heat with a heating pad or a nice bath may help to ease the pelvic and lower region. From a personal experience, if I am woken up with pain from a UTI, I will place a warm wash cloth gently between my legs to help ease burning and discomfort. Remember never to apply heat directly to your body and never over 15 minutes.

      1. My favorite heating pad!

      2. Keep emptying your bladder. One of the MOST (annoying :) ) and reoccurring symptoms I experience with a UTI is having to pee and pee and pee..... Here's the thing, when you urinate (even if it's a dribble) you are ridding your system of bacteria. So do it!

      3. Incorporate raw garlic into your diet. Garlic consist of antimicrobial proprieties which help to fight of bacteria.... exactly what a UTI is!

      4. Load up on vitamin C! This helps to boost your immune system and ultimately fighting off that UTI.

        1. My absolute FAVORITE vitamin C!!

        2. Cranberry juice or extract. Research shows mixed reviews. I always take a few glasses of raw, unsweetened cranberry juice (it's never fun..... BUT she gets the job done ;) ). If you are able to consume cranberry juice, give it a try!

          1. Cranberry extract can be found here!


Remember ladies, always check with your doctor beforehand. If you want to try natural remedies, make sure you are abiding to your allergens and/or body specifics. For example, if you are allergic to citrus, you should not take vitamin C. Do you have certain remedies that work for your UTIs? Let us know in the comments!

Isn't it fun being a girl sometimes? :) XOXO!