#DIY 4 Ways To Naturally Purify The Air in Your Home

Did you know that we spend the majority of our time INSIDE our homes? That being said, it is SO important for you and I to understand the benefits of purifying our homes and exactly how to do so naturally! Below you will find my top 4 tips for doing so- all of which are SUPER effective and healthy! Enjoy this homemade remedy, ladies! We know you will absolutely LOVE IT!

#DIY 4 Ways To Naturally Purify The Air in Your Home

  1. GET THE AIR MOVING! Open the windows, get your fans rolling, and embrace the freshness and detoxing power fresh air can bring! If you live in the city or in a location where the air outside is polluted with cars or other pollutants, try using an air purifier!

  2. ROCK AIR-PURIFYING PLANTS: This might just be my favorite tip for you ladies! Not only do house plants add an instant cozy factor to any living space, but certain plants also play a HUGE role in detoxifying and purging your environment with harmful toxins and pollutants. Some of the recommended plants include but are not limited to: snake plants, ferns, succulents, Aloe, spider plants, and bamboo palms! Note, this is a short list and just a list of my favorites!

  3. Salt Lamps: Salt lamps. One of my all-time favorite pieces of home decor to recommend for you! Not only do salt lamps add an incredible, calming ambiance to your home, but they also reduce and absorb irritants and help to purify the air with the release of negative ions.

  4. Beeswax Candles: Similar to salt lamps, beeswax candles also release negative ions and can help to cleanse the air of harmful pollutants. If you are used to burning candles found regularly on the market today, think again. These candles can actually be full of harmful and toxic ingredients that can be more damaging to your home (and air!) than good.

There you have it, ladies! How will you be purifying your home this week? Let us know by snapping a photo and uploading on social media using @blossomingmommyandbaby! Can't wait to see! XOXO!