DIY Natural At-Home Treatment for Healthy Feet

Foot Care. A simple and life changing practice that can lead to decreased stress, increased relaxation, and of course…. healthier feet! Ladies, when is the last time you got a pedicure? Got it in your head? Now, imagine yourself sitting in the oversized leather chair, enjoying a nice warm foot soak and sugar scrub, accompanied by a foot and calf massage…. AMAZING, RIGHT? ? Today, I am going to teach you how to implement a sacred DIY Natural (at home) foot routine that will completely transform your weekday nights or weekends. ??Just pick one-two days a week where you will implement this routine and WATCH your stress melt away. Plus, on a medical side, there are SO MANY benefits from taking care of your feet! Have you ever heard of REFLEXOLOGY? Learn more HERE!

Now, onto your DIY At-Home Foot Treatment!

  1. Epsom salt soak: Ladies, this is SO simple and studies prove the healing benefits of epsom salt. (I use Doctor Teal's which is a common brand found at many stores or on amazon here. *affiliate link*) Generally, I will add 1/2-1 cup of epsom salt to a tub of warm water and light a candle. Now, if you have any allergies or your skin is sensitive, I would talk with your doctor prior to using epsom salt. Once your tub is swirling with warm water and salt, turn your water off and completely relax. For a foot soak, sit on the edge of your tub with your feet hanging into the tub. Read a book, magazine, or listen to a podcast or your favorite music. Soak for 20 minutes.

  2. Sugar scrub: Next up! Sugar scrub! Use our pumpkin sugar recipe OR our lemon scrub. Carve out a handful and scrub the tops and bottom of your feet, working your way up your shin and calf. Use fresh water to rinse the scrub off, then remove feet, pat dry, and progress to step #3!

  3. At home-lotion massage + reflexology prep: Feel free to use plain coconut oil or if you have any homemade lotions on tap, I highly encourage you to use them! (if you are in need of a good recipe, search the site! We have lots of homemade lotions) :-) From here, I want you to truly lather your feet with a natural lotion. Massage the bottom and tops of your feet, then up to the shin and calf. Once your skin has been coated, get those thumbs ready sister! With gentle-medium pressure, work around the heel, arches, pads of your feet, top of your feet, ankles, shins, and calfs. Perform your lower extremity self massage for 5 minute on each side. Then, cover your feet with socks (the lotion will be thick and you don't want to leave grease prints on the floors! :) )

  4. Finally, REFLEXOLOGY! This is my favorite, ladies. You will need a golf ball or a tennis ball to complete this exercise. Place the ball on the ground and simply roll your foot from the base to the top, feeling out any "crunchies" or tender spots in your foot. Gently slide the ball back and forth while standing, working out tightness and tension. Roll out each foot for 2-4 minutes.