Crisp + Cozy Fall Diffuser Blend

Whether you are a young living follower, doterra, NOW, or others, this cozy and crisp fall blend is EVERYTHING! We specifically designed this aroma makeup to fit any brand and any budget. The crispness and coziness will have you and your family ready for the fall months and relaxed with the DELISH aroma :-)

Crisp + Cozy Fall Diffuser Blend 

What you'll Need:

What you'll Do:

  1. Fill your diffuser with water to appropriate max line.

  2. With oils, mix: 10 drops orange oil, 5 drops clove oil, 10 drops cinnamon oil, and 5 drops patchouli oil.

  3. Plug diffuser in.

  4. Ahh! Relax + Enjoy!