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At Blossoming Mommy and Baby, we reach and educate thousands of moms and mamas-to-be worldwide through digital services, our podcast show, weekly blog posts, and more! We take time to handpick potential brands that we feel are in alignment with our message and know our audience will love to discover and enjoy! As a Pediatric Occupational Therapist and Mama herself, our founder, Jennifer Blossom truly emphasizes healthy, holistic practices (with a modern touch!) in everything she does. We are committed to aligning our community with brands, products, and services that are focused on bringing the best of healthy living to women and children!

Here’s how we can help YOU!

Brand Exposure

Jennifer’s specialty is creating creative and fun social campaigns unique to your specific brand to reach our community’s interest. Through her knowledge and expertise, Jennifer has built a strong rapport with those who follow Blossoming Mommy and Baby so the community trusts and acts upon her product and brand recommendations. By using her social media presence, Jennifer is sure to help your brand gain exposure and new followers. Jennifer’s personality and personal touch is what makes her partnerships shine and succeed. Whether it is a sponsored podcast commercial, a uniquely created recipe, newsletter ads, video or social campaigns, your brand will be noticed and loved by the Blossoming Mommy and Baby community.

Key Contributor

Jennifer’s years of higher education, professional knowledge, and personal experience has equipped her to be the perfect key contributor to your podcast, event, or blog. Her personality shines in everything she does whether it is an informational article, speaker, radio or TV segment, or brand ambassador position. She is able to speak and write with such eloquence and authority of a wide array of topics that is sure to resonate with your given audience. Her energy and positive attitude radiates through her work and is guaranteed to be the perfect addition to your specific opportunity. She will also gain exposure to your brand or event through sharing with the ever-growing Blossoming Mommy and Baby community. Jennifer would be honored to be a key contributor for you!

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