ZEN Stretching Routine For Stress Release (For Busy Mommas!)

Okay, sister… it’s time we chat all things stretching, stress, and your sacred routine.  When nighttime rolls around, I know that stretching can be (and most likely is!) the last thing on your mind, but I want to encourage you today to take a second look at why this is so important to have as a nightly ritual. Although I could go on for DAYS about the benefits of stretching, today I’ll specifically be talking + teaching on the importance of stretching + stress release.

Stretching and earthing (SWOONING over this earthing shot from Instagram :)) are two of my MOST recommended nighttime MUSTS for ALL #blossomingmommyandbaby women!

First, let’s go over the basics of stretching and stress release…… WHY STRETCH ?

  1. When stressed, stretching naturally allows the body and mind to be more aligned. You should naturally begin to focus on your breath, with slowed, deep inhales and exhales.

  2. Paired with dim lighting, aromatherapy (*my FAVORITE diffuser), and calming music, stretching can be a total mind/body/soul experience and can help to naturally reduce stress, anxiety, and tension inside the body while releasing positive energy.

  3. It strengthens the body and mind.

  4. It helps us stay grounded (just like our Grounded + Glowing clients!)

Have I encouraged you yet? Momma, it’s a SERIOUS MUST for your nighttime routine! Pair it with this beauty of a routine and  you’ve got LIFE made!!

Let’s get on to your routine, Momma! All you need is 10-20 minutes each night. Your ZEN Stretching Routine For Stress Release is GORGE and will truly help your body, mind, and soul nourish and replenish before a beautiful night’s sleep. ENJOY, my loves!

Laying flat, feet up the wall.

This stretch is literally how it sounds. Lay completely flat on the floor with your feet raised to 90 degrees, supported by the wall. Hold for approximately 5-10 minutes and just RELAX. You will immediately begin to feel release. This position is absolutely gorgeous for releasing tension and anxiety from your day and is SO easy to perform.

Child’s Pose.

Yogi or not, this pose is a classic. Simply lay on your yoga mat, both shins pressed to the floor. Gently stretch both hands above the head (on the floor) and shift your body weight so your bottom is seated right on top of your ankles. Shift back and feel the stretch. Heaven, right? Hold again for 2-4 minutes depending on your strength and ability.

Foam Roll.

My absolute favorite. Use a sturdy, eco-friendly foam roller (like this one here!) and tune into that body of yours. I always tell my patients to do a body scan. Is there a certain area of your body that feels like it is holding onto extra tightness or tension? Common spots include: lower legs, feet, back, and neck. Find your tight spots and roll, momma, roll!

Downward Dog

Again, this is SUCH a classic yoga pose but is SO great for the body in releasing and unwinding. Simply stand with your feet shoulder width apart, bending forward at the hip until both hands are place on the floor as well. Gently walk your hands forward until you feel a “just right” stretch. AND HOLLLLLDDDDDD….. Ahh, yes…. the release Hold for 30 seconds-1 minute, plus or minus depending on your body and ability.

Ladies, never underestimate the power of stretching! It truly is one of the best things that you can do for your body and mind. Also, as a BONUS! The routine can be completed on an active rest day too! So if you are at lost as to what to do on your down days, JUST STRETCH!

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