What to do when you're made fun of for choosing a healthy lifestyle

Raise your hand if this one hurts a little… I used to raise my hand because y’all… I used to be that girl.

  • I was the girl who was made fun of at college parties because I “never drank”.

  • I was the girl who was made fun of at holiday or family/friend gatherings because the “food wasn’t healthy”.

  • I was the girl who was mad fun of for packing green smoothies and healthy snacks on road trips or planes because I was too “uptight”.

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Who Cares!

For me, I have always been a health minded individual. In the past, I did struggle with having obsessing thought patterns over eating (which actually stemmed an eating disorder), but after years of healing and recovery, I’m now at a place where healthy living is a lifestyle. A blessing. A choice. NOT a burden or restriction. To be honest, you have to come to a place in YOUR LIFE and in YOUR MIND where you don’t care what other people think. Quite frankly, I don’t care if other people make fun of me or my healthy choices because it’s MY LIFE and MY BODY. Just like other’s opinions are their own, my choices are my own and I’m okay with that. Mommas, same goes for you! You must be okay with the choices you make! Be confident in them and remember that  YOU know what’s best for you, NOT other people.

Inspire Someone!

This tip is an AWESOME for you ladies! Did you know that you actually may be INSPIRING someone, despite being made fun of?! Think about it… the next time you pack a Blossom After Baby green smoothie or your favorite BMAB power balls, you may just be inspiring or encouraging a fellow Momma to start packing healthy foods for herself and her children! You are a breath of encouragement to your fellow Mom friends…. never hold that role lightly, babes! Repeat after me… “If she can do it, I can do it!” Now go!!! Go inspire your girlfriends! (psst.. if you need a MEGA jumpstart in this area~make sure you’ve got your ticket punched for access to our Abundant Motherhood Club! YOU. WILL. LOVE!)

What feels good for your body?

Lastly! This one is a bit more serious, so hear my heart… The next time you’re at a holiday gathering or birthday party and you find yourself (yet again) being made fun of for not wanting a second piece of cake or heaven forbid a third serving of chicken wings, ask yourself truly how your body will feel after you eat the plate or dish you’ve been getting pressured into. Are you uber sensitive to gluten? Will your stomach be bloated the next morning from the extra artificially packed vanilla frosting? Will your face be swollen from ALL. DAT. SALT.?! It’s your body and truly, your choices. Choose what is going to feel best for yourself (mentally and physically) and run with it!

Oh, and y’all… if you want the cake, PLEASE… have the cake! Life is WAY to short not to enjoy a slice of pizza and a piece of cake every once in a while. Just don’t make it a regular habit and if you aren’t into having cake and pizza at every birthday party… THEN DON’T!

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