Women's Health w/ U by Kotex ®: 4 Sacred tips for NOT letting anything get in the way of Your Fitness

FTC DISCLAIMER: I was compensated by U by Kotex® on Behalf of FitFluential. However, all opinions are my own.

Ladies, I am SO excited to bring you an amazingly inspiring and MUST-HAVE brand partnership with our friends over at U by Kotex ®! You know we’re all about finding the best products on the market for your health and wellbeing, and U by Kotex ® is absolutely at the top, especially with the launch of the U by Kotex® FITNESS* product line! 

So, let’s chat about YOUR health, Momma (a common theme here at Blossoming Mommy and Baby, right?! ;) ) As a modern day woman, you know that your health is composed of multiple pillars. From physical fitness to nutrition and emotional health (and everything in between!)  it all plays a role in who you are and how you feel. (PS! We have a very special giveaway for you at the bottom!)

Now, let’s take your physical fitness component and dive deep into how you can best optimize your health (even during that time of the month). Mommas, your time of month should NOT stop you from sustaining healthy lifestyle practices. I’ve been there. The cramps. The bloating. The moodiness. The period. But it hasn’t (and won’t) stop me from feeling my best and soon you will be well on YOUR WAY to feeling your best during YOUR time of month.

Today I will be sharing 4 sacred tips for NOT letting anything get in the way of your fitness with some AMAZING goodies and giveaways (and free samples!) sprinkled in from our friends over at U by Kotex ® FITNESS*! 

Let’s get to it Mommas!

  • Sweat It OUT! We all know how it feels… the bloat, the moodiness, the lethargic energy.. am I making you uncomfortable by reading this? If so, my point exactly! One of THE BEST cures for feeling bloated, moody, and tired is a good sweat session at the gym or outside. Grab your sneakers, lace em’ up, and get those endorphins and uncomfortable bloat moving! A few additional fitness tips and modifications while you are on your period include:

    -Going for a walk


    -Weight Training

    -Yoga -Pilates


    *Remember, while you work out, it is important to be protected. No leaking. No showing. And ULTIMATE fit and flexibility with your pads and tampons. Thankfully, the new lineup from U by Kotex ® FITNESS* offers just this! U by Kotex ® FITNESS* Tampons (FITPAK compact!), U by Kotex® FITNESS* Liners (Dual Flex Zones!), and U by Kotex ® FITNESS* Ultra Thin Pads are EVERYTHING you need to truly #FindYourFITNESS.

  • Keep Your Nutrition ON POINT. Although it is tempting to grab AND DEVOUR an entire pan of triple chocolate brownies, remember how important it is to fuel your body with the BEST FOODS for your cycle and energy levels. Important foods to have on tap while you are menstruating include but are not limited to: -Lean proteins, water (and coconut water!), fruits, vegetables, salmon, dark chocolate, fiber, nuts, seeds, legumes, and foods with iron. - U by Kotex ® FITNESS* has an AWESOME and power packed article on all things BEATING PMS cravings. Read more on this topic HERE: https://www.ubykotex.com/en-us/periods/pms/top-tips-to-beat-pms-cravings

  • Give yourself a little R+R Time. In our fast-paced society, it is more important NOW than ever to establish quality relaxation time in order to fully optimize true emotional health and healing. Ladies, give yourself some grace. Our hormones fluctuate during our menstrual cycle and that is TOTALLY normal. It’s okay to want to carve out additional time for yourself (go for a walk outside, down by the lake, or around the park). Point being, don’t let your cycle keep you isolated and away from others JUST because you “feel” moody. Learn different strategies that help you unwind and recharge. (Tip: music, reading, napping, cooking, cleaning, spending time with your pets, etc!) A recent article from titled “WHEN I GET MY PERIOD, I'M REALLY MOODY AND I JUST WANT TO TELL EVERYONE (EVEN GUYS), "I'M ON MY PERIOD, LEAVE ME ALONE!" SHOULD I?” provides additional insight from peers, Moms, and Experts! Read more on the discussion HERE: https://www.ubykotex.com/en-us/periods/pms/when-i-get-my-period-im-really-moody-and-i-just-want

  • FINALLY…. HAVE THE RIGHT PROTECTION. Have you ever had a moment (or two) when you were completely unprepared? When your time came and you had NOTHING in your purse, gym bag, or suitcase? Sisters- we’ve all been there. BUT.. after today, I want to encourage you to ALWAYS be prepared. With U by Kotex ® FITNESS*, you have NO more excuses. Three of my absolute favorites to pack and ALWAYS have on tap include the new line from U by Kotex®:

  • U by Kotex® FITNESS* Tampons: The name says it all!! Fitness Tampons. Can I get an AMEN? These beauties reside inside the FitPak*-a durable, compact, and DISCREET protective pack (with yellow, blue, or pink coloring!!) to carry around your tampons to the gym, while traveling, or wherever else your adventure takes you! EASY PEASY and SO convenient! Plus… no tampons are left straggling in your purse :) Check them out HERE: https://www.ubykotex.com/en-us/products/tampons/fitness-regular-tampon

  • U by Kotex® FITNESS* Liners: Walks, treadmill jogs, dance recitals, and more! These liners are PERFECT for when YOU, Momma are on the go! The perfect blend of protection and flexibility, you’ll never think twice again! Plus… the drawstring package is to die for! Give them a go here: https://www.ubykotex.com/en-us/products/panty-liners/fitness-regular-liner

  • U by Kotex ® FITNESS* Ultra Thin Pads: Yes and Yes! Stay confident while you work out with these beauties secured in place! They are specifically designed to stay fit and FLEXED (dual flex zones!!) with that body of yours.. meaning no poking (we all know how that feels!) or sliding around. Plus… the drawstring package is ADORABLE :) Read more about em’ HERE: https://www.ubykotex.com/en-us/products/ultra-thin-period-pads/fitness-pad-regular-with-wings

Ladies, do not let your period get in the way of your health, wellbeing, and FITNESS! Thanks to U by Kotex ®, you’ve got some AMAZING protection, durability, flexibility, and COMFORT. Use the above tips through mind, body, soul connection (paired with your U by Kotex ® protection!) and you’ve got it made!! As a little gift from us to you, we want to see YOU #FindYourFITNESS . Please, let us know how you plan on staying healthy and FIT during your next cycle using #FindYourFITNESS online! (And don’t forget to tag us! @blossomtobefit and @ubykotex). We also want to send you a beautiful free gift!! Head here to snag YOUR FREE SAMPLE!!

HAPPY Fitness-ing, my loves!

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XOXO, Jennifer

FTC DISCLAIMER: I was compensated by Kotex on Behalf of FitFluential. However, all opinions are my own.