Women and Jealousy... Is it really impacting your health and family?

Good Morning, Blossoming Mommy and Baby Community and welcome back to another gorgeous Motivational Monday segment! In today's audio blog, we'll be discussing all things jealousy and the impact it has on your health and your family. Unfortunately, jealously is something that is far more common in today's society then we as women give it credit for.

If left uncontrolled, jealousy (an unhealthy behavior) can have a detrimental impact on a woman's health and the health of her family and relationships around her. -Jennifer Blossom, OTD, OTR

Buckle down, ladies! Today's teaching is deep, inspiring, and one that will leave you with many tools in bettering the health and wellbeing of your hearts, homes, and mental wellbeing. Remember, it is more important now than ever to understand the importance of constantly pouring into your heart for personal growth and development. If you find yourself struggling with anxiety, stress, jealously, or depression, we have an exclusive course within the Grounded & Glowing that will teach you ways to recognize, cope, and overcome this area of your life.

As a motivational segment, today I'll be teaching you from the following outline: 

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  1. What is jealously?

    • An emotion of fear, entitlement, scarcity, vulnerability, unhappiness, anxiety, threatened

    • Wanting Something Others Have

      • Materialism

      • Body

      • Personality

      • Relationship

      • House/Home

      • Career

      • Family

      • Comparison

  2. Why is it important to recognize as women?

    • Impacts our behavior

      • Aggression

      • Timidness

      • Insecurity

      • "Center of Attention" OR Seclusion

      • Impulsivity + Coping Behaviors

        • Spending/Shopping

        • Online/Technology/Media Obsession

        • External Validation

        • Impacts our relationships

          • Family

          • Children

          • Friends

          • Community

          • Impacts our trust

          • Impacts our ability to connect with others (men and women)

  3. Is jealously impacting your health and relationships?

    • Depression

    • Anxiety

    • Stress

    • Obsessive Behaviors

    • Obsessive Thoughts

    • Worry

    • Digestive Issues

    • Fatigue

    • Inability to establish healthy relationships

    • Lack of trust

    • Poor listening and communication skills

  4. How do you overcome it?

    • Audit yourself and your emotions!

    • Recognize jealously in your life

    • Stop comparing your life and relationships to others

    • Practice gratitude and acceptance for God's place and call on your life

    • Fill your mind with positive thoughts and personal development

    • Stop judging

    • Cover your day with biblical scripture and devotional reading

    • Root your heart (and life!) in Christ

There you have it, crew. Whew! I want you to use this outline with my audio teaching from The Blossoming Mommy and Baby Show, where I go over each step in more detail and provide you with a powerful action plan. Remember, your emotional health is just as important as your physical health and will directly impact the health of your family.

We love you and are ROOTING for you, Mamma!

XOXO, Jennifer