What I Wished I Knew About Breastfeeding

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Mama, today’s post is about to get REAL. We are talking all about breastfeeding, nursing, and pumping and I’m sharing with you what I wished I knew about breastfeeding or had prepared for whether physically, mentally, or emotionally. As soon-to-be mommies we try and prepare for every situation and scenario, and inevitably miss quite a few OR, (even better) think we did prepare and hysterically realize how NOTHING can fully prepare us for motherhood. Sister, you know you’re smiling and laughing right along with me on that note.  (P.S. Mama, if today's post resonates with you, then our brand new Blossom After Baby Postnatal Program is for you! Grab your copy NOW as we dive into every area as a new mommy from encouragement, to support, to finding who you are as a woman and new mom. You don't want to miss it!)If you are reading this today, YOU are doing an amazing job, mama, and I’m PROUD of you!

First things first…buy yourself a hands free pumping bra stat, girlfriend!

A hands free pumping bra is truly a game-changer just from a comfort standpoint so that you don’t have to hold the pumps the entire time. It is also a time saver if you were pumping one side at a time, most likely doubling the time it took you to pump. Lastly, if you are feeling ambitious, you can set up your pump in a location around your home to multi-task. Whether you pump while getting ready in the morning, at the computer while you pay bills, or pump on the floor with your little one while they play, a hands free pumping bra is DEFINITELY the answer. Not sure where to start? Check out my recent post on my not-so-glamorous homemade pumping bra and the amazing hands free pumping bra brand I found that was the answer to my new mama-hood woes!

Self-care and breast maintenance should be top priority!

While it may seem like a little thing, and maybe even a non-issue for you, getting ahead of it and being prepared with the best remedies will make you life SO much easier mama! And let’s be honest, with a newborn baby our hands are going to be full. You ladies know I’m all about making life easier. My best natural remedy tip is to use coconut oil or even your own breast milk (this stuff has serious natural healing effects!!) I also love this brand for multiple uses – think diaper rash, cuts, etc. If you find you are needing something stronger due to the pain, you can ALWAYS talk to your doctor about other options. Don’t be afraid to speak up, mama!

Pumping after nursing is LIFE!

You know what they say about supply and demand, well the same holds true for nursing, pumping and building up that supply. If you plan to return to work after having a baby, you may want to consider pumping and saving sooner rather than later. I’m a firm believer in feeding the baby first and NOT the freezer. So, after you nurse, pump for 15-20 minutes afterward. Easy, peasy! This helps to tell your body it needs to produce more milk, and helps you begin to slowly build a supply without feeling stressed or in a dire situation and in need for stored and saved up milk.

Here are some additional resources to help boost your supply, mama!

Can we talk about leaking and all of the milk-stained shirts?!

I told you I was going to be REAL with you, sister! Not only can leaking occur at any time for some women, but have you noticed that when you hear your little one (or even someone ELSE’S little one) crying it can make you leak?! The joys of motherhood A few things that I have found help with this:

–  If you are leaking throughout the day, or just want to be cautious. nursing pads are a FAB solution. You can find disposable or reusable pads that slip right into your bra without anyone seeing them through your shirt. VERY convenient!

–  if you are leaking on one side while you nurse on the other, you can use a small hand pump, a haakaa, or even milkies. All of these have some pros and cons to them, so check them out and pick what’s best for you, sister!

You Are Enough!

Lastly, and MOST important. It is 100% OKAY if you are unable to breastfeed, nurse, and/or pump. Should you need to formula feed (as there are a variety of reasons women may need to do so), don’t sweat it or beat yourself up, mama. This is my reminder…You are still enough as a mother, you are still adequate as a mother, and you are still going to ROCK motherhood like the mom boss you are!

What did you wish you knew about breastfeeding? I would love to hear about your breastfeeding journey, mama. Send us a note and let’s chat! <3