Embracing The Wild Ride of Motherhood with Earth Mama Organics

Hi all you beautiful Mommas!

You know we’re all about creating a powerful and encouraging community here at BMAB~ and today I’m honored to share one of my long time FAVORITE brands with you… one that is ALL ABOUT Momma community. You girls ready?!  Come, let’s dive in together! Earth Mama Organics, we LOVE YOU!


FTC Disclaimer: Product + Compensation were received. All options are my own.

If you’re a BMAB woman (and we know you are!), you know what it’s like to live an intentional and meaningful motherhood. You know that giving birth to your sweet bundle is JUST the beginning and no matter where you come from, what age, race, or location….. you know that we’re all on this Momma journey together. The long nights. The sweet, tender moments. The fierceness that awakens inside each of us when a Mother is born. This is true motherhood and I want YOU to hold onto this truth! Embrace your season. Live true to your motherhood journey, locking arms with other Mommas so we can all celebrate this wild ride together.


Speaking of togetherness… go grab your tissues girls! This video created by Earth Mama Organics so beautifully captures what the true essence of motherhood is. Together, we are all just Moms trying to do our best.  (Seriously- grab your tissues).

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What did you think of the video? Powerful, right? Did it bring you back to your labor and delivery(ies)? I know it did for me! The moment sweet Brody was placed on my chest, my life changed~ all for the better. Since becoming a Mom, I’ve learned how wide and deep our Momma hearts are for our cubs. I’ve learned that HARD WORK in motherhood looks like long, sleepless nights, feeding schedules, poopy diapers, tears, laughs, celebrations, milestones… THE LIST AND JOURNEY ARE FOREVER UNFOLDING!

Ahh…. the  journey! Isn’t motherhood a WILD ONE?? Share with me an event (or events) that have made YOUR motherhood journey wild! After 5 months of being a Momma… here are some of my wildest moments to date:

  • The moment when Brody James finally pooped after 3 days of constipation! (And all the Mommas said AMEN… and get me another diaper!)

  • Learning the ins and outs of breastfeeding (and sticking with it!)

  • Going on our first jog together (he LOVES being in the baby jogger!)

  • Taking a bubble bath together (of course.. with our favorite Earth Mama SWEET ORANGE BABY WASH!)

Momma-hood journeys + Momma-hood tribes… ya gotta have em!

Tribes on Tribes…. who is YOUR tribe? I am a TOTAL believer that tribes can be both in person and online, so embrace them girl! Have you ladies seen Earth Mama’s Bump Squad? CUTEST + BEST SQUAD EVERRRRR! If you’re currently a preggo Momma, be sure to check in with Earth Mama’s squad over on Instagram using #MamasBumpSquad- you’ll LOVE the community of women who are all preggo and due around the same time and of course… all on a mission to use safer products for herself and babe.


Okay girls, now onto products… I know you’ve been DYING to see what we received and what you need to get your cute little hands on ASAP! I’ll share my latest Earth Mama favorites below with you because like you, I too and 100% conscious about what goes on and in my body; especially now with Brody James here.

You girl know I preach ALL. THE. TIME. on the importance of putting natural and safe ingredients both on and in your body. This rule is even more important when you have littles, so PLEASE make sure you’re choosing safe products. This is why I 100% feel safe and confident in using and recommending Earth Mama to you and your family. (And as a bonus.. they’re in Target so go get your Target fix and stock up on your latest Earth Mama finds!) You can also grab your goods at earthmamaorganics.com


Earth Mama Product Must Haves (These products are great for your hospital bag and to have at home after baby is here!)

  • Milkmaid Tea: For the breastfeeding Momma! I love sipping this at night after I put Brody down for bedtime. The tea itself is USDA Organic and NON-GMO verified (huge BMAB win!) and has helped me keep a steady milk supply. Earth Mama has lots of different teas- so make sure to checkout which one fits you and your pregnancy/postpartum stage best!

  • Sweet Orange Baby Wash + Baby Lotion: I’ve actually been OBSESSED with these two items and have used them for myself before Brody was even here (for years )! The blend of vanilla + orange is SO heavenly and is made free from petroleum, mineral oil, parabens, and artificial fragrance- all key things to look for when purchasing soaps and lotions for your littles! Buy double of this Mommas, trust me- you’ll want a little for yourself too

  • Earth Mama Deodorant: Raise your hand if you’re tired of looking for a natural deodorant that actually works (#handraise). Mommas- look NOOOO further! The scents offered by Earth Mama are so DELISH, ranging from lavender, ginger, citrus, and plain- you will LOVE the quality and performance of this beauty. Trust me- baby will appreciate your armpits smelling good! Think about it… their head is RIGHT THERE while breastfeeding or snuggling, so having a good, chemical free deodorant is super important!

  • Nipple Butter: Perfect for soothing your tender nipples when baby first starts feeding. I actually packed this in my hospital bag when Brody was born and used it for the first 2 months of his life! Because your baby is eating from your breasts, it’s non-negotiable to have an organic nipple butter/rub. This blend is calling your name, girl.

  • Diaper Balm: Please tell me I’m not the ONLY Mom who kisses soft baby bottoms there’s just something so squishy and perfect about those cute little bums! This balm is AWESOME you guys. It smells INCREDIBLE- so fresh and is sooooo soft! I love spreading it over Brody’s behind and also use it as a dual skin salve. KISS KISS!

  • Nose + Cheek Balm: This one is super convenient and perfect for dry skin from lots of drool on the face

  • Booby tube: Trust me.. your new “breast friend” Enjoy these gel-free breast packs hot or cold to help with engorgement, booby pain, or to help facilitate your let down… THEY ARE AMAZING (and made with organic cotton shell + filled with natural flax seed!) #win


So Mommas, there you have it! Now let’s celebrate this amazing, crazy, inspiring journey called Motherhood together. Let’s commit to making good choices for our bodies and our babies AND let’s remember to enjoy this ride as ONE.

Buckle up, Mommas. We’re in this for the long haul. Together, with Earth Mama, let’s commit to making our wild motherhood journey the healthiest, happiest, and most humorous together!


xoxo, Jenni + Brody