What You SHOULD Be Doing on Your REST Days

My heart! This topic is one that I enjoy so, so, so much because… well, I struggled with this for years. I struggled with actually “resting” my body, fearing weight gain, fearing setback, fearing failure. Moms, am I speaking to you? I ask because I know many of you will struggle with this (or already have…. or maybe you currently are).

Here’s the straight truth. Our bodies need to have days of REST AND RECOVERY. Why? 

When We Rest, Our Body HEALS. If you are constantly working out with NO time to heal, your body will not fully be able to recover and restore. This trickles down to the very fibers of your muscle to the mental clarity of our mind. Your body will burn more fat and achieve it’s full potential of muscle recovery with an actual REST DAY.

So, how do you design the perfect rest day? Great question. I’m SO glad you asked! Here are my top 3 recommendations for all of you lovely Mommy Members below! 

  • Move your BODY, lightly.  Get out and go for a walk with your children. Mow the lawn. Do some light yoga or stretching. It’s important to move those bones… even with a rest day. This will also combat any feelings of lethargy or anxiousness that may come about!

  • Focus on your fuel. Eat well, nourish, hydrate, relax. A rest day does not mean a “pig out” day.. but rather a day for you to refuel and rehydrate your body, mind, and spirit.

  • Take Your Mind off Your Body. Yep, I said it. Use your rest day to completely unplug from your workouts… and this goes from even THINKING about it! Instead, opt for a good book, an at home spa day, or a certain “pampering routine” that you can’t live with out. Don’t have one? Create one! Learn to nourish your body in multiple ways. This is VITAL for your self care, sister.

So, I’m curious… what will you be doing for your rest day? I’m so excited that you now know how to have the PERFECT REST DAY. This handy tool will be important for you to keep in your tool belt for healthy living.

Proud of you.

Mean it.