What To Eat Before Your Workout

What you eat before your workout can have a significant impact on your performance, how your body feels during your workout, and how your body recovers after. I've spent many years experimenting with different foods in regards to my workout and have found there truly is a perfect combination of foods to help the body feel energized and strong throughout a good sweat session!

Not too much. Not too little. Finding the right "workout food" is truly an art. 

An excerpt from LIVESTRONG.com states this mindset perfectly,

"Fuel your body before exercise and get the most out of your workout. Types of food and timing of meals affect energy levels during exercise. Heavy, high-fat foods can cause indigestion, sluggishness, fatigue and diarrhea during a workout. Eat too little before a workout and you might not have the energy, concentration or muscular capability to finish your routine. Eat the right foods before your workout and provide your body with the energy and resources it needs to excel during exercise."  (Source 1)

I recommend pairing easily digestible carbs with protein for my Blossoming clients and use this combination for myself (and hubby!) as well. Below you'll find my personal favorites with a gorgeous blend of healthy fats, carbs, and proteins, making it easy on the body and nourishing to the muscles. Try one or try them all and be sure to let us know which combination is your favorite by checking into your Blossoming Community  using #blossomingmommyandbaby and @blossomingmommyandbaby on social media!

Blossoming Mommy and Baby's Top Pre-Workout Foods

  1. Banana with almond butter and honey

  2. Gluten free oats soaked in almond milk, chia seeds, and flax seed, topped with frozen tri-berry blend

  3. Gluten free toast with mashed avocado

  4. Almond butter + banana + gluten free toast spread

  5. Blossoming Smoothies

There you have it! Our signature pre workout treats and blends, all to be consumed at least an hour and a half before your workout! Be sure to catch this episode on our Podcast Show HERE! 

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