How to Manage Your Sweet Tooth This Halloween

Happy (ALMOST!) Halloween, #blossomingmommyandbaby Community! With tricks and treats ALMOST on the way, it's time for you to tune up and prepare your home with a healthy foundation this Fall. Below, I'll be sharing 5 fun strategies for you to implement as a family! Now, let's get on to a SPOOOOKTACULAR segment! :)

5 Ways To Manage Your Sweet Tooth This Halloween:

  • Be "that" house. Yes! You can do it, mamma. The house that hands out HEALTHY treats! Whether it be organic granola bars, organic fruit snacks, or clementines, there are plenty of ways for your family to still enjoy the season, while sprinkling in a bit of a healthy touch!

  • Allow for enjoyment on Halloween. Let your kiddos (and yourself!) have fun on Halloween and yes... this means they get to enjoy candy! Remember, everything in moderation. You be the judge on how much candy you would like your child(ren) to enjoy. After the limit has been reached, set a limit on how the candy will be consumed for the remainder of the month(s).

  • Fill your home with healthy snacks. After Halloween has passed, it will be important for you to keep healthy treats on hand. From homemade (healthy!) bars to skinny drinks (think fruit infused water, organic juices, sparkling water, etc), keep healthy foods on tap so you and your littles can nourish on good, healthy, nutrient dense foods.

  • Keep your fitness up! Don't let the holiday season be an excuse to let your health and fitness slide. Stay committed to your fitness GOALS this season-we are ROOTING for you! As a bonus... when you keep your FITNESS ON TRACK- your body will naturally crave workouts and healthy foods! Win, Win!

  • Take note of how your body feels. This is an AMAZING practice that I use in many of my teachings within the blossoming mommy and baby community. Ask yourself, "how will my body feel after I eat this?" If you are just grabbing a few handfuls of candy for short term gratification, rethink of how your energy levels, mood, self-awareness, and body will feel. When we practice this mindset, many times, self-control and self-discipline will be implemented.

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