10 Ways to Encourage your Children Daily!

Happy Wellness, Wednesday! Tune in today as I share 10 POWERFUL ways you can encourage your children, daily. Remember ladies, we have a direct role in shaping our children's confidence, humility, and character. Taking time to encourage your child(ren) daily will help your child in developing self-help skills, trickling out and over into many areas of his/her life.

Tune in to The Blossoming Mommy and Baby Show to catch a transforming lesson on daily encouragement for your kiddos!

10 Ways to Encourage your Children Daily!

  1. Daily Prayer and Bible reading

  2. Send off a positive note each day (think lunchbox napkin delivery!)

  3. Establish healthy routines

  4. Use Positive Words + Phrases

    • You are doing great!

    • You are so smart.

    • I really like how you helped Mommy in the kitchen tonight.

    • Thank you for keeping your room clean.

    • I am so proud of how hard you are working.

  5. Lead by example

  6. Be present. (For Real)

  7. Get outside and play!

  8. Encourage creativity and exploration

  9. Don't expect perfectionism

  10. Discipline with love

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xoxo, Jennifer