If You Want To Be Happier, STOP Doing These 5 Things!

Happiness… it’s an inside job, right?

TOTALLY. And a job that many of us as modern day Mommas NEGLECT on the regular. Unfortunately, society tells us that happiness comes in the form of nicer things, bigger houses, luxury cars, a wrinkle free face, the best clothes, the latest fads, a tiny body… THE LIST GOES ON.

Here’s my truth for you, Mommas…


Thank goodness you are a Blossoming Mommy and Baby Woman! We do things different around here and taking a good hard look at society and how we can live in it and not of it (John 17:16) is our JAM.

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Go grab your coffee and get ready to take some notes, Momma! Starting today, you’ll want to eliminate these behaviors from your life STAT and in doing so… you’ll be AMAZED at the newfound energy and LIFE that comes from it! HELLOOOOOO HAPPINESS!


Stop Competing + Comparing…. with the Kardashians, your #momtribe, and strangers on social media.

Competition and Comparison is a REAL thing, Mommas… ESPECIALLY in the social media world. There is absolutely NO sense in comparing or contrasting your life, your body, your EVERYTHING to those around you. Why? Their story is not YOURS. Their chapter is not YOURS. Competition and comparison is an endless trap, babes. Harness that energy DAILY to bettering YOUR life and focusing on YOUR family, as this truly is where your attention and focus should be going.. NOT on impressing others!

Stop BLAMING other people or your past for YOUR PROBLEMS

The Blame Game.. who’s played it?! I know I have! From blaming our past for the reason why “X,Y,Z” happened or blaming others for our mistakes or shortcomings… blaming NEVER SOLVES THE ACTUAL PROBLEM. So, instead of blaming others or your past for where you are at now, I want you to completely change your approach to life with a forward thinking, action taking, problem solving mindset. If we live in the past or too much in the future, OR find ourselves constantly blaming those around us, we are never really taking responsibility over our life or actions. Stop blaming, Start DOING! YOU’VE GOT THIS!

Stop Eating Bad + ALWAYS having an excuse to why you can’t exercise

THIS! Mommas, this is one of the most painful excuses I hear on the regular from women just like you before they join our Abundant Motherhood Club. Eating bad and NEVER working out is terrible for your body and your mind. I’m not going to list off the reasons WHY you need to do this because I truly believe you already know them. Commit, Mommas. Your life and happiness LITERALLY depends on it.

Stop White Knuckling Life… you can ONLY control so much

Calling ALL Busy Mommas! Discover the secret to effortless weekday meals that are healthy, family friendly, and easy on your budget! Elevate your ability to provide nourishing meals for your family and let’s just HONEST…. it’s time to get your life back!

As Mommas, we want to control EVERYTHING. But here’s the truth- we can’t. And the sooner you and I are able to let go and give 100% of our efforts to what we CAN control and truthfully trust God with the rest, life becomes so much sweeter. Just as a side note you guys- I REALLY struggle here and I honestly think the reason I got so sick during grad school (see more on how I overcame panic and anxiety attacks here) was because I was trying to control everything in my life. Living this way only causes more anxiety and tension in your days, ESPECIALLY when things don’t go exactly as planned and NEWSFLASH~as a Mom, this happens ALL. THE. TIME.


This one takes a lot of work but it is OH SO WORTH IT! Recognize WHEN AND WHERE in your life you complain and then do something about it! It’s a heck of a lot easier to complain about something then to actually FIX the problem, but this is exactly where I want you to dig in and get after it! Complaining negatively impacts your mood and those around you, so STOP DOING IT! It’s hard to make the switch, but when you catch yourself judging others or judging yourself, train your thought pattern to switch.  Choose to see the good or choose to complain, the choice will ultimately become YOUR way of life.

Ladies, your happiness is my greatest desire! If you truly want to create a meaningful motherhood, you MUST be driven to eliminate this area of your life. I know you can do this and if you need extra help in this area, be sure to enroll in Grounded + Glowing, a signature BMAB program to help conquer stress, anxiety and overwhelm once and for all!

Love you, girls!

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