Valuing Your Spouse & Fostering Communication


Hi gorgeous! Today we're talking ALL ABOUT  communication AND the importance of this skill within the home and your marriage! This isn’t a once in a while to-do list task. Marriages take a lot of effort.... purposeful and intentional effort. Get ready to do some self-reflecting and adjusting of your own communication as we talk through the FOUR C’s when it comes to our marriages. You ready girl?! Let's dive in! :) 



Don’t let things build up between you and your spouse to the point where it becomes emotional. Let's remember to stay factual and conversational without whining or lecturing our husbands. Relationships require work, effort, and respect; and this my friends is a two way street! 


Start calm and stay cam. While we all have our passion points on certain topics, it is important to stay calm and remind ourselves to stay rational especially if the conversation turns to a disagreement. We won’t always agree with our partners and there will certainly be disagreements and arguments within the home...SO when we encounter these moments as God-centered women, remember to rise up and focus on finding middle ground, compromise, and to work through the issue TOGETHER with your spouse. Do NOT bring up old arguments, wounds, or score-keeping.

Be Clear

Oh mama, THIS!! I truly believe this is the most important lesson for today. We may think we are being clear when we ask for help with chores around the house, childcare, or running errands...but sometimes what we think we're communicating is not being perceived that way and not reality to our hubby's thought process. While it may feel silly at first, it is crucial to talk through these clear points of contention. In doing so, your relationship will be set up for success and when things go awry – which they will at some point or another because hey, we are ALL human, mama! You can revisit your conversations from a level headed, clear expectation approach. If you want to dig deeper into your own self-awareness as a wife + momma, come indulge inside Grounded + Glowing and discover more about yourself, your traits, and HOW to communicate and live with less stress and anxiety.


Check-in with each other and take care of one another. Your communication is the FOUNDATION of your marriage. Neglecting to actually take time to check-in with one another is the start of a slippery slope, so don’t forget this step, sister. Not sure what kind of questions to ask each other? Download our Spouse Check-In Questionnaire, NOW in the Abundant Motherhood Club Vault!!