Unlock Your Positive Potential: Overcoming Bitterness and Anger

Today we are going to tackle a subject together that may be difficult for some of you, but just know that after we go over our lesson, you will be equipped with the tools and strategies to move from a place of anger and bitterness to freedom and healing in this area of your life.  I am so passionate about

Mommas and Mental Health

and truly believe in YOUR ability to live abundantly well, especially in this area of your life!

Before we get started, let's shine some BMAB light on our 


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THANK YOU SWEET MORGAN! We love you more than you know, babe! xx Okay Mommas~ Now onto today's lesson! LET'S DIVE IN!


How To Unlock Your Positive Potential + Overcome Bitterness and Anger For Good! 

Step #1: Self-Check, What’s Going On?

In today’s tech driven society and hustle bustle mentality , it’s becoming easier and easier for us to quickly lose ourselves with the entertainment and gratification that social media tends to offer, instead of focusing our energy inwards or to those that we love. As modern day Mommas, we’re losing the ability to recognize our own feelings, continually stuffing our emotions and paying little to no attention to what’s truly going on the inside. So, here’s the deal, gals. If you’re not taking time to check in with yourself throughout the day, you’re going to lose touch with what’s going on inside of you; ultimately leading you down a crooked and narrow path that veers far from the truth and the ability to live with good self-awareness.

  • Recognize your emotions and the ebb and flow of your mental state throughout the day. If you struggling, DEAL WITH IT RIGHT THEN.

  • If you’re in a place now where anger and bitterness seem to be at the forefront, it’s time to do some DEEP digging. Work hard to identify the root of the cause. Why are you feeling this way? What caused or is causing you to feel this way (Bullied? Abuse? Neglect? Criticized? Made fun of?) ? How often and when are you feeling this way?

We first must become aware of the problem and how it manifests in our body before we begin our healing process. Take a  moment to write out or think through the above steps, then move on to step #2!

Step #2: What’s The Impact?

Now that we’ve nailed down your emotions and the importance of self-awareness, let’s discuss WHY it’s so important to recognize and begin working through feelings of anger and bitterness. We must take time to work through this process, as neglecting the root of an issue leads to deeper, longer complications like depression or anxiety, and possibly experiences of:

  • Difficulty building and sustaining healthy relationships

  • Inability to fully enjoy or experience life

  • Letting emotions control the day

  • Explosive behavior

  • Physical symptoms within your body

  • Poor modeling of behavior to your children

  • Vicious cycle of negative mental/emotional health

Step #3: Where Do You Go From Here?

Only up! You CAN be a Momma of excellence (not a perfectionist, but of true excellence)! You can truly love the life you live and can live in a way where  you show up fully present each day of your life. You cannot change your past or what has happened to you but you CAN decide to change the course of your life by changing your behavior and your mindset TODAY. Don’t live in the past. Don’t play the victim. Actively seek healing and recovery through:

Remember, forgiveness is your first step in moving from anger and bitterness to forgiveness and peace. Forgive yourself and the other person. If you find this difficult (which 99.9% of you will!), try putting yourself in their shoes. What were they going through? People’s actions are a reflection of their heart. Decide to protect YOUR energy and truly live in a state positivity and happiness. Tap into what the bible says about anger, forgiveness (it’s one of our greatest commandments!) and loving others. It will truly transform your journey, Momma.

I believe in you and your ability to move through this. Living in a state of anger and bitterness will not serve you well or those around you. It is a choice that YOU have to make. Will you stay here or will you move forward with your life? The choice to change is yours. You can DO IT and I am here for you cheering you on every step of the way! In fact, if  you need extra help- I do have two resources that were designed specifically to help you move through this process!

Grounded and Glowing, is my signature global program tackling all things Moms and Mental Health. You’ll learn how to break free from habits of stress and anxiety, overwhelm, exhaustion, fear, and anger and will be led down a nourishing path, gently ridding past patterns of what’s no longer serving you, while equipping you with the tools you need to cultivate balance, clarity, purpose, and happiness again!

Blossom After Baby is for busy and overwhelmed postpartum mommas who are tired of simply going through the motions of “Mom Life” without looking or feeling your best. Mental Stabilization is a key principle inside this program and will help you to identify what’s no longer serving you, while uncovering what lays just upon the horizon.

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