Unique AND Budget Friendly Ideas to Date Your Spouse

Hey mamas! With a new baby I know it can be difficult to find time to date your spouse once our families start growing and with the added baby expenses (hello diapers!) dating can impact your wallet. But sister, the idea of dating your spouse is something I am SO passionate about and believe whole-heartedly in. A strong marriage is the foundation of the home and is how we teach our children about love, respect, and healthy relationships.(P.S. Come learn how to be a better wife, mommy, and friend through our signature Grounded + Glowing Program sneak peak!!)


Below I share FOUR budget friendly ideas to date your spouse that are unique Blossoming Mommy and Baby approved date your spouse ideas.

Get Cookin’!

If you’ve ever watched Food Network’s Chopped then you are familiar with the concept of receiving surprise food items that you wouldn’t normally see used to make a delicious meal. Well, you can use this concept in your own kitchen for a fun date idea (and save some dollars)! First, assign one of you to an appetizer and one of you to an entree. Then, each of you start to work your way through the kitchen cabinets, refrigerator, and freezer and assign 4-5 random/unrelated food items to the other person to make an awesome meal for you two to share. You can even help each other with ideas and problem solve together. So, start rummaging those pantries and get creative in the kitchen with your love!

Scavenger Hunt

Create small clues for your spouse to find around the house or around your town (if you’re feeling adventurous!) You can make them simple, beginning with recognizing and thanking them for small things such as: “I love how you help me clean up the kitchen at night, go to where we wash the dishes,” OR you can even make each one into a riddle for your spouse to solve! I love these ADORABLE heart notecards…Go crazy, sister, this all about you two! At the end of the hunt you can have a surprise special dinner ready made, or maybe a meaningful gift. They will love it no matter what because it comes from the heart!

Morning Matinee at the Theater

Earlier movie showtimes tend to be MUCH easier on the wallet. Added bonuses include a quieter setting avoiding the crowds and you can even stretch out a bit. Bring your favorite signature Blossoming Mommy and Baby SKINNY pumpkin balls or confetti doughnuts before heading out the door to catch the new flick over a breakfast date with your honey.

Build a Fort

Take it old school and bust out those pillows and blankets, and have a sleepover in the fort. Focus on spending time together, pick out a favorite movie, playlist, or relationship book, or even spend the time together talking, sharing hopes and dreams, and even stories of when you were younger and built forts. Rekindling the love for one another while feeling like kids again is ALWAYS a perfect way to date your spouse.

Okay, girlfriend, now it’s YOUR turn! Share photos of your date nights, OR if they are tech-free then check in with us afterward, tagging us at #blossomingmommyandbaby and share any additional date ideas you used!