The ULTIMATE List of Ideas to Keep Your Kids Occupied in ANY Setting

Yes, mamas, you read that right…we are here to save you from your WORST nightmare. Imagine you're out running errands and checking things off that to-do list (which have been easy and seamless thus far), BUT then the dreaded (and to be expected) hiccup in your day arrives.... (Mom life, right?!)  and you're left waiting, and waiting, and waiting….whether it’s at the post office in a long line, at the doctor’s office, {{insert nightmarish situation here}}, the waiting game is NEVER fun. 

In Brody’s short yet full 7 months, I've learned REALY QUICK how to navigate these waters. Keeping your littles occupied is the name of the game!  Whether you have toddlers or older kiddos, today's lineup of actives will keep your littles occupied and well-behaved (hopefully ;) ) during those lengthy appointments!


So- here it is! The BEST trick is to ALWAYS carry a bag of goodies. Literally, carry this bag with you ALL. THE. TIME. The options to keep this bag full are endless! You must incorporate their favorite toys (that fit in your bag of course!) mixed with  a few new inexpensive (Hello dollar stores and the dollar bin at Target….YAAAAAS mama!) items/toys to keep them engaged and intrigued!


 You know your babes better than anyone so pick GET CREATIVE! This doesn’t have to be pricey for you mommas, just go and find trinkets around your house to build your own creative bag! Need help getting started? I’ve got a list for you below with the PERRRRRFECT ideas to make your bag FLAWLESS. Remember,  determine what age-appropriate items you can incorporate and then get busy! 

The List

What do you carry in your Busy Bag? Tag us and share using #blossomingmommyandbaby on social media! I can’t wait to see your kiddos occupied learning and playing in all settings and you, mama, relieving yourself of the stress. Live your life fully working smarter, not harder <3