My Top Summer Must-Haves For Modern Mommas!

Happy July, Ladies!

As I type you up this blog, I am currently sitting in our beach cabin right next to the water :) It is SO Alaskan and sooooo JULY! If you are new here to Blossom To Be Fit, WELCOME! We are an amazing communication of Mommas all over the world who are passionate about living a life full of love for Jesus, our children, husbands, and homes!

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For now--- my top summer must haves for all of our Mommas! 

  • Instant Pot! Ok you guys... I can't even! THE INSTANT POT is honestly something I put off for a year because of the price. That being said, we FINALLY got our first instant pot last week and am in LOVE! If you ladies are as obsessed with crockpots as we are (and we know you are!), you will absolutely LOVE the instant pot! Think of this- a whole chicken cooked in just minutes. Oatmeal, yogurt, desert, dinners, lunches, anything and everything made in MEGA FAST TIME! I'll spare you the details of what an instant pot is (some type of pressure cooker ;) ), as you can read up on the amazon link. Point is- get one, your life will be CHANGED!

  • Vintage Blue Tinted Aviators! For all you beach goers, sunshine lovers, and summer babes- these beauties are for you! I'll be honest- I NEVER buy expensive sunglasses because.... I either misplace them or break them every 2-3 months ;) Therefore, my job is to find cheap, adorable sunglasses that we can ALL rock this summer! Go get you some, Momma!

  • Bobbi Brown Beach Okay, girls... if you are looking for a signature fragrance... this is it! I've used Bobbi Brown Beach for 3 years now (each summer!) and can't even tell you how OBSESSED I am with it! Think coconut, sunscreen, salt breeze, and sunshine all in one bottle.... SO BEACHY!

  • Sunday Afternoon Hat Whether you are heading out to brunch, running errands after church, or strolling through the soccer fields, take your hat, grab your shades, and get to it!

  • Organic Popcorn! From sea salt popcorn, cheddar, kettle corn, and more, Angies is my absolute favorite brand and one that will make your weekend pool party or long weekend getaway!

  • COOLA My absolute FAVORITE natural sunscreen brand! From spray screen to tinted lip balm and everything in between, go and stock your cabinets FULL of all things COOLA this summer! You will NOT be disappointed :)

What are some of your favorite summer must haves?