Top Slimming Practices for Spring + BUSY MOMMAS!

Hi Gorgeous! Happy, Happy Monday! Can you believe that we are already into the middle/end(ish) of March??! Our sweet Brody is already two months old now and my momma heart could literally explode. So… before I go all mom gush on you, let’s get to today’s INSPA, shall we?! 

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I  LOVE this topic because I TOTALLY think a fresh point of view is needed in today’s society. PLUS, many of you have been reaching out and asking for weight loss tips as we head into the Spring and Summer months so I’m going to give you my viewpoint and top practices which are both REAL and totally RELATABLE for all of you Mommas today!

Tip #1: When You’re Hungry, Consciously Eat Well

So often (especially in today’s fast paced society), we are constantly ON. THE. GO. Unfortunately, if we’re not intentional about slowing down, this fast paced way of living can make its way into our homes and into our decision making about food. As women (and mothers!) it is SO important for us to be mindful about what we are putting INTO our body. When you’re hungry, don’t panic and grab the fastest and easiest thing you see (whether it’s in your house or on the go)! Instead, think about what you need (fruits, veggies, lean proteins, healthy carbs, hydration, maybe even a piece of dark chocolate? ), how hungry you are, and what will be NOURISHING to your beautiful bod. Remember, ladies- staying well nourished and hydrated throughout your day is ESSENTIAL for keeping your metabolism up, your weight down, and your body + mind healthy and happy!! (PSSST! For alllll the things healthy recipes, you HAVE to make sure you’re enrolled in our mommy membership program! Get ALL the details + access to ALLLLL my homemade goodness HERE!)


Ok, Momma…I can’t emphasize this enough!! If you want to slim out, you HAVE to move your body. There is no way around it! Plus, movement is AMAZING! You and I were made to move, breath, and stretch! If you’re currently in a workout slump or have just been feeling sluggish from the colder months, now is an EXCELLENT time to get that booty back into gear! I feel like I am starting fresh this Spring too as I just recently picked running back up since having Brody and it’s HARRRRD but I’m sticking with it and encourage you to find your workout as well! Whether it’s yoga, pilates, jogging, swimming, biking, hiking… whatever it is to you- find it and do it. 4-5x per week (or whatever your doc recommends for your needs). Let’s get you and your energy up and at em’ again! What do ya say?! Plus… a serious sweat session is SOOOOO good for the body, bloat, and soul! 

Tip #3: Unwind + Stress WAY Less

This is such a a hard topic for so many of us today, but it’s also a piece of women’s health that I am SO passionate about because I struggled with stress + anxiety for SO long and saw first hand the negative impact it hand on my health (and I don’t want you to go down this same road)! From a medical standpoint, stress in the body releases cortisol which in return wreaks havoc on our system. Your body is so precious and is meant to slow down, recharge, and unwind. If you don’t, you’re running the risk of a lower immunity, excess weight and bloat, and other negative implications that we don’t want to endure as modern Mommas! So- get a handle on that stress, Momma!

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Love You, Mommas!

XOXO, Jennifer