Tighten + Toned Pilates Inspired Workout (Home + Travel!)

Set 1: 

  • x20 Glute Bridges (Laying on back, firmly place both feet on ground, lifting glutes up towards ceiling, tucking abdomen in and lower back down).

  • x15 Wide Squat + Shoulder Press

  • x20 Bicycle Crunches

  • 1 Minute 100's

  • 30 Second Downward Dog

Set 2: 

  • 1 Minute Plank

  • x20 Hamstring Lifts (On all fours. Gently lift right left up to pulse, then back down. x20 on each leg)

  • x20 Pushups

  • x15 Side Leg Lifts (x15 on each side)

  • 30 Second Downward Dog

Repeat Circuit 2x through