The Impact of Mental and Emotional Stress on Women

 If left untreated, stress, which can present itself in a multitude of forms, can have an extremely dangerous and negative impact on the female body. As women, it's easy for us to carry the weight of the world on our shoulders (gals, am I right.. or am I right?). Although this may sound like the norm, it's an increasingly alarming stat and one that we can reverse IF and only IF women are properly educated on stress and take time to implement stress management strategies.

Today, I'll be teaching on the following:

-The Dangers of Stress for Women's Health

-How to Identify Stressors

-How to Reduce and Manage Stress

Ya dig?

Good. Let's dive right in, babe!


What are the dangers of stress for women's health? 

-Physical complications and disruptions  It's important to understand that complications and disruptions from stress, are going to be subjective for each woman. However, potential complications of stress manifested in one's body may include but are not limited to: disrupted menstrual cycle, heart palpitations, heart disease, decreased fertility, disturbed breathing patterns, sweating, decreased immune function, muscular tension, chronic diseases, digestive issues, irritable bowel syndrome, and more.

-Potential for increased mental health  Increased susceptibility to anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, seclusion, addiction, eating disorders, aggression, sadness, perseveration, and others.

-Sleep disturbance  Increased sleep disruption and sleep-wake cycle interruption, difficulty falling asleep, racing thoughts, and poor sleep hygiene.

-Emotional and Social disturbance   Difficulty maintaining and regulating emotional wellbeing, difficulty with maintaining healthy relationships, sadness, anger, difficulty with concentration, lack of meaning or purpose in life.

How to identify stressors? 

-Stress can present itself in a multitude of forms including:   Physical (something physical is causing you stress), Mental (work, medical report, test results, deadlines, finances, environment, etc), Emotional and Social (relationships, events, circumstances)

How to reduce and manage stress?

-Identify the stressor   

What is causing you to stress (Remember this section from above, is it something physical, mental, or emotional/social)?

-Discover meaningful and relaxing practices for strategy management 

Once you have identified the stressor, I want you to tap into meaningful, leisure activities on a regular basis. It is not selfish, it is absolutely necessary. Some ideas include taking a bath, working out, reading  a good book, sitting by the fire, sipping warm tea, aromatherapy (lavender is great for stress!) cuddling with your husband or significant other, walking the dogs, talking with family.

-Understand the manifested symptoms 

Once you understand WHAT is causing you to stress, then you can identify WHAT your symptoms are and HOW to tackle those symptoms head on.

-If needed, get professional help

In some cases, professional help may be necessary. Licensed and professional therapists and other healthcare providers are available if needed. If you do need professional help, please don't be afraid to seek it out.

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