The Best (Early!) Summer Workouts

"Early. Just wakeup and work it. Because honestly, what is that extra hour rolling in your bed going to achieve compared to a solid workout?" Phew, Ladies! Is this quote right or is it right!? This summer I'm challenging YOU to get up and get moving early in the AM. You know the countless benefits of this! Today I'll be showing you some examples and great ideas on how to get your blood flowing first thing! You ready? Good. Let's ROCK IT, together.


Which exercise(s) will you be taking on this week? I'm holding you accountable and want to see your progress! Make sure you're checking in with me and the community online @blossomtobefit and #blossomtobefit! Let us know how you are moving your body in the AM and how you feel afterwards. You're going to LOVE IT (and so will your body!)