Summer Workouts and Healthy Routines for The Family

I think it's safe to say that summertime has OFFICIALLY hit home for us in Alaska! After a relatively mild winter, it still feels nice to see (and feel!) that summer sunshine. With the days getting longer and the summer gear making an appearance, it's time to chat all things family fitness and how to stay active (and have a BLAST) together!

  1. Get outside. Plain and simple. Whether you're walking to baseball practice, biking to soccer practice, venturing out in the wildness, going for a hike, playing in the backyard, splashing at the waterpark, or planting in the garden, find a way to get outside with your children every single day. More nature, less screen. End of Story!

  2. Pick one day a week to workout together. Mom, you run while your kids bike. OR pick your favorite workout, do it, and let your kids participate with you. It will be great for both of you on so many levels!

  3. Up your lawn game! Bring back the good ol' days! Stage your lawn for a fun game of miniature golf, tag, capture the flag, or croquet. Your kids will love it and everyone will be burning energy! Double win!

  4. Get active after dinner. Instead of sitting down for the rest of the night, take time after dinner to go for a family walk. Make it a habit, daily.

  5. Pick up a new hobby! Summer months are great for socializing, experimenting with new activities, and venturing out in the sunshine. Whatever you decide to do, make sure you're staying active. Don't be afraid to try something new... who knows, you might actually LOVE it!

There you have it my friends! 5 simple tips to stay active and fit as a family this summer. Remember, we're designing a healthy lifestyle for you. One day, one healthy habit at a time. Use these summer months to create new (and healthy!) habits! Deal? I'd love to checkin on you, so make sure you connect with me using #blossomingmommyandbaby and @blossomingmommyandbaby on social media. Let me see what your doing to stay active and fit as a family this summer!