Proven Stress Management for Mama!


Hi gorgeous!! Today we are sharing 7 tried and true strategies to help cope with stress. As you’ve probably come to realize, stress is an unavoidable part of life so it is absolutely NECESSARY to find positive, healthy ways to manage it. Note: we do not want to completely eliminate stress from our lives because well-managed stress can actually be beneficial in helping us meet deadlines, complete projects and motivate us to make changes! BUT stress becomes negative and can lead to a host of health conditions when it in unmanaged.

On Wednesdays we take a moment to check-in with our feelings and evaluate how the week is going. When necessary, we identify anything that is causing us an unreasonable amount of stress and try to figure out how to better cope with what is causing us stress. To help you manage this stress, here are our 7 proven strategies to cope:

  1. Step away from the stressor- By giving yourself a little bit of space you allow your body and mind to take a break. This is NOT an avoidance technique. Instead use this break to do something that promotes your wellbeing and helps you feel less overwhelmed. A quick break is all you need to sip on some stress relief tea, thumb through your bible, breathe in an invigorating diffuser blend or listen to a podcast!

  2. Exercise- Endorphins, endorphins, endorphins. Ladies, do not underestimate the power of a good sweat session! A quick workout can have an immediate, positive impact on your mood!

  3. Fake it with a smile- It is not healthy to ignore your feelings but it is ok to ACCEPT the situation for what it is and address what is in your control. Sometimes the only thing we can control is our reaction to a situation. Did you know that science has proven that facial expressions and emotions can influence the brain?? Laughing and smiling is truly good for your soul because it can relieve tension. Try it!

  4. Fill up with nutrient dense foods and ditch the sugar-laden snacks/beverages- You’ve probably watched your favorite tv characters indulge in the stereotypical half-gallon of ice cream to drown their sorrows and deal with stress. Please, please don’t do this! Sugar-laden foods might give you a quick pick-me-up but that high is short lived and you will inevitably come crashing down. Instead, choose lean proteins and complex carbs that will keep your blood sugar and mood stable throughout the day!

  5. Evaluate your priorities and know when to say no- Stress strikes when the demands placed upon you exceed your ability to cope. By prioritizing your energy and knowing when to say “no” you can reduce and even eliminate some of those demands.

  6. Surround yourself with people you can trust and lean on when you’re feeling overwhelmed- Make sure you confide in the people who help you relieve stress rather than add to it.

  7. Prayer and Meditation– Prayer and meditation can help you put your stress into perspective. When we realize that we are one of the many moving parts in this world and simply cannot always be in control it is easier to cope with the ups and downs of life. If you are a beginner to meditation start by following along with a daily practice book or guided meditation!

You will never be 100% stress-FREE but you absolutely do not have to be stress-FULL. If you find yourself overwhelmed and unable to cope with the demands of life we would love to help you chip away at the stress by sharing Jenni’s journey and proven techniques to get you Grounded and Glowing!

Love you girls, XOXO!