How to Stick to your Winter Workout

Hi gorgeous! How are you doing with your 2018 fitness goals? Are you struggling to stay motivated this winter? For whatever reason, it’s challenging for people to stick to their workouts when the temperature drops. We know that it is super tempting to skip your workout and instead cozy up with a hot cup of coffee and your favorite throw blanket but exercising is  important especially during these winter months so make your workout a priority TODAY! In addition to the obvious improvements in health outcomes, overall fitness and aesthetics, when performed consistently moderate to vigorous exercise has been found to substantially reduce the risk/incidence of: premature death (especially in women), type 2 diabetes, cancer and osteoporosis.

Need some strategies to get that workout in? Read on,  sister!

  1. Set your clothes out the night before. By gathering your clothes/workout items in advance, you make getting out of the door as quick and painless as possible!

  2. Schedule it as high priority in your calendar. We cannot over emphasize the importance of scheduling “me” time into your days. Write “me” time into your calendar and treat it just like you would any other appointment.

  3. Find a workout buddy to hold you accountable. This might seem like a trivial tip but it’s not! Social support is a critical component in achieving goals. The right workout buddy will not only hold you accountable to your workouts but also make them more enjoyable.

  4. Select an activity/workout that excites you. You are more likely to stick to a workout that you love! Remember, fitness activities are supposed to be challenging AND fun.

  5. Dress accordingly. If you aren’t dressed properly your workout will be miserable. Make sure you take the weather and road conditions into consideration if you plan to workout outside.

Need some additional motivation to stick to your winter workouts? Join our Blossoming Mommy and Baby Facebook group for uplifting daily encouragement! What are your tried and true methods for sticking to your workout during the winter? Happy sweating, girl!