Stay at Home Date Nights

Hi girlfriend! We have a super fun post for you today! Dating your man is SO important but do you make it a priority? Perhaps you are dealing with a huge project at work, recently brought a new baby home, bit off a bit more than you could chew in your church group or are just trying to survive this busy season and, as a result, your date life has taken a backseat. We want to encourage you to make date night a priority. You see, life can often make us lose sight of what is MOST important. Your spouse is priority number two right after God. Spending quality time regularly with your significant other strengthens your marriage by increasing happiness, positive communication and intimacy. But it also promotes your own well-being by keeping you happy, healthy and prepared to manage everyday stressors. Stay at home date nights are a great option for those times when you are both busy, finances are tight or, for whatever reason, you can’t get a sitter for your sweet kiddos! Before we share some of our favorite stay at home dates, we want have some tips for you to make the most of your stay at home date nights!

  1. Schedule it in your calendar.

  2. Decide who is responsible for planning the date night – we like to alternate each week!

  3. Dress appropriately- depending on the date that could mean dressing up for a fancy dinner or down for a cozy game night.

  4. Ban all electronic devices and focus, instead, on communicating with each other.

So now that we’ve set the “ground rules,” here are some of our favorite stay at home date night ideas!

  1. Cooking dinner together.

  2. Board games and hot cocoa!

  3. Read a book together. We really loved reading: The Five Love Languages and You and Me Forever

  4. Write a bucket list together.

  5. Plan a vacation.

  6. Workout together!

  7. Play the Newlywed Game or the Not-so-Newlywed.

  8. Dinner by candlelight complete with romantic music.

How do you ladies keep your marriage strong? What are your favorite dates? Follow us on Facebook to see how our stay at home date nights change once Baby Blossom makes his much awaited appearance!