Stay On Budget This Summer!

School is out which means Summer is HERE!

With kiddos home for the summer, activities can get expensive… so today we’re sharing some FAB + BUDGET FRIENDLY summer activity ideas that will ROCK your next few months! I can’t wait to try all of these with Mr. Brody, but for now I won’t wish away the infant stages

Summer doesn’t have to cost a lot of money to make it memorable for your family. Focusing on being together and present in the moment, is truly what means the most to your babes in the long run. Mama, if this is easier said than done for you, join our next Grounded + Glowing Class and come learn the exact steps on how to become UNSTUCK from the day-to-day motherhood journey. We want you to LIVE in the moment and to be FULLY PRESENT with your kids!


So, sister-friend, how can we keep summer activities EXCITING without dishing out Here are our top tips for a budget-friendly summer! Hint…. it’s pretty FUN!

F is for Free

Ding, ding, ding, ding! Of course to save money, FREE is where it’s at mama!

  • Volunteer as a family! Teaching our kids how to give back to the community is an important message to teach and model to our littles.

  • Next up..Museums! Museums typically allow children in for free or have a particular day and time where kids are free of charge~such a FAB way to teach our kids about history!

  • Additional ideas include: children’s hands-on learning museums, local parks, camp outs in the backyard, exploring the local library, and bike rides! All fantastic ideas while avoiding any budget overwhelm.

U is for Unique

  • Scheduling a few unique and memorable experiences for your kids throughout the summer is another way to get your kids excited about an upcoming activity that can be as inexpensive or as pricey as you CHOOSE. This is the beauty of the BMAB budget-friendly summer! YOU have choices on where and how you would like to spend money on activities for your kids.

  • Take the scavenger hunt example (I’ve used this idea in the past for you ladies as a fun date night with your hubby) and make it kid-friendly! Whether it’s around your house or around your neighborhood, a bit of creative juice and Pinterest searching is all you need!

  • What about an outdoor movie set-up in the backyard using a borrowed projector from the library?! Just bring out your favorite pillows and blankets and you have a winner!

  • Craft with your kids together to bring their favorite board game to life in a life-sized form! This can get your kid’s creativity flowing and serve as a larger art project that they can work on throughout the summer.

N is for New Experiences

  • You may find that most of your summer budget is spent in this category, but again, it’s your choice! When you think about new experiences for you and your family you can go smaller or larger with the ideas. Small experiences could mean a day at the beach, or you can spend a bit more and visit a water park, state park, or theme park together with your family! You know Brian, Brody, and I love, love, love being outside and I encourage it year round here at Blossoming Mommy and Baby. Summertime is NO exception.

Mama, the takeaway today is that as long as you are spending time with your loved ones and enjoying your time together, there is not a right or wrong way to spend your summer!

Tag us during the summer months on social media #blossomingmommyandbaby and let us know what your plans are!