Spring Refresh Your Relationship with God in 5 Easy Steps

Happy Easter, Mommas! I hope you are feeling refreshed and recharged after one of the greatest Holidays (Easter and Christmas) EVER! We celebrated the resurrection of our Savior at a beautiful church service, filled with joyous tunes and the powerful story of Jesus’ final days here on earth! Brody James was absolutely ADORABLE in his first Easter outfit… I mean, come on ladies, I can’t even :). Isn’t it SO MUCH MORE FUN to shop and style him than it is Momma!? 

Now, before we talk about all things BABY (you can stay up to date with me on Insta!), let’s switch-a-roo and discuss a powerful topic that is PERFECT for Spring. This time of year is absolutely beautiful, rich in fresh, vibrant energy and sparkling with pastels and awakening flower blossoms . As you welcome and experience this fresh, renewed energy, I want you to also direct your attention and mindset to be refreshed and renewed in the Lord.

So often it’s SO EASY for us to get busier and busier in life, skipping out on what matters most- cultivating and living a life rooted in Christ’s love. Although I’m by no means perfect at this, I do want to share some helpful tips that help me and will hopefully help YOU Refresh Your Relationship with God in-5 Easy Steps!

Let’s get to it… shall we?!

(PS: If you’re on the go today, no worries! I got you girl. Grab some coffee and listen in to this blog on our podcast show on iTunes- you’ll love it!)

Step 1: Set Aside Quiet Time Each Day

As you ladies know, the way you START your morning has a HUGE impact on how your day will FLOW. Think about it, if you start your day with the news, rushing around the house, scrambling to put together school lunches, (you guys get the drill!)…. YOUR day is already off to a negative start. Point being, I want you to practice intentionally starting your morning off with stillness and in the WORD. Light a candle, brew a cup of delicious, steaming coffee, put some jazz music on the background, and crack open that bible, sister! Forget the hustle bustle. When you begin your days centered and grounded in the word of God, your mindset and heart are prepared properly for the day ahead. Ladies, this takes discipline, but you can do it! All you need is 15-20 minutes. Begin incorporating this into your morning routines and THEN start the morning with  your family. You time first, deal? After you’ve finished your bible and devotional reading, dive into breakfast with this Skinny Egg Skillet! Your FAM WILL LUHHHHHVE! 

Step 2: Mix and Match Your Methods

Think you JUST have to read each morning? THINK AGAIN! One of the best tips I can give you gals is to understand that YOU can consume God’s word by listening, watching, or reading different material. You can listen to different Christian podcasts. You can watch your favorite pastors or Christian speakers on youtube, OR you can read (as I mentioned above) out of the bible and/or your favorite devotions.


As women and Mommas, it’s vital for us to SLOW down the FLOW of life. We are the hearts of our homes and if we’re not setting the pace, the world will. This week, I want you to intentionally find the BEAUTY in the mundane. Day in and day out. Don’t wait until the weekend. Don’t wait for big events. Find the beauty, God’s beauty, in everyday living. The diapers. The chores. The dinner. ALL OF IT. If God has blessed you and I with a new day, then it’s our job to honor Him through our actions, mindset, and heart. Where can you find God’s beauty in YOUR day? For me, this comes through my son, Brody (see his birth story here!),  cleaning our home, preparing healthy recipes for my family, and more!

Step 4: Surround yourself with others that will push you

You’ve heard me preach on the importance of surrounding yourself with positive people and this is equally important with surrounding yourself with fellow believers! For our family, we attend church and small group for monthly bible studies. Being around friends to study God’s word with is such a gift! You’re able to learn, grow, and lead together, all while challenging and bettering yourself as an individual and woman in Christ! Some of my recent bible studies come from: Beth Moore and Chip Ingram. We love them! Currently we’re studying through the book of Revelation. so POWERFUL, MOMMAS! Being a gospel centered woman IS EVERYTHING. You can do it, girl. Make time. Reach out. Push your soul to the next level.

Step 5: BE STILL

Finally, BE STILL. This step seems easy, right? It should be, but it’s SO hard for so many of us today because we live in such a LOUD world. A world that constantly grabs for our attention- left and right. If you’re not careful, social media and the world’s demanding pace will creep its way into your life, demanding your time, attention, and energy. (SIGH). SISTERS! We MUST be and think differently! You have to recognize this pattern and TRAP of society today. Make time to intentionally be still throughout your days. EVERYDAY. Put your phones up at night. Unplug from the online world and television. Tap into a sweet, savory moment with your children and husband. Notice God’s presence and BE STILL. Soak it in. Cultivate it. Embrace it. Live it. THIS is the Blossoming Mommy and Baby Way. 

XOXO, Jennifer