How to Get More Sleep During Pregnancy

This post contains affiliate links

This post contains affiliate links

CONGRATULATIONS are in FIRST order for us and your baby bundle of joy! It is of no doubt that you are going to make a fantastic mother and we cannot wait to celebrate mommy-hood with you!! If you're looking for an informative course on all things pregnancy + beyond, checkout our signature service, Pregnany Prep Program!Now, onto your sleep! If you're any month pregnant, you may be experiencing difficulty sleeping. Although this looks different for every Mommy-to-be, it never hurts to be prepared and armed with fresh ideas and strategies to combat a better night's sleep!

Experiment with the list below + remember, always speak with your doctor!


5 Simple Strategies for Getting More Sleep During Pregnancy 

  • Diet, Diet, Diet.

    • Yes, your diet plays a huge role in your digestion (or lack thereof) during bedtime. Eliminate (or decrease) the amount of caffeine, processed foods (You know you shouldn't be eating this!), sugar, chocolate, acidic foods, or greasy foods before bedtime. Opt for lean and clean meals, snacks, adequate hydration, and a cup of warm tea after dinner. Also, make sure you leave a few hours before your meal and bedtime. This will help to reduce acid reflux and will enhance digestion!

    • Tea Ideas:

*Medical Disclaimer: Always discuss tea options with your doctor before consuming, as each pregnancy and woman is going to be different* 

  • Try Sleeping on Your Side + Use Pillows for Support.

    • Experimenting with different sleeping positions can help the body find a great balance in alleviating pressure or built up tension. Look for ways to position firm pillows around the belly, legs, and head. You may also consider a full body pregnancy pillow for optimal support and comfort.

      • Full Body Pregnancy Pillow Recommendation

      • Keep Your Exercise Routine Up!

        • Of course, this tip is only appropriate if cleared by your doctor. Within the Pregnancy Prep Program, we go over different exercise ideas for each semester of your pregnancy. It's important to see your body as strong, empowered, and capable (doctor permitted!) during your pregnancy. Keeping a healthy workout routine will help your body stay regulated, well circulated, balanced digestion, and more.

        • Implement Your Stress Management Strategies

          • A key piece to truly blossoming into your pregnancy + getting enough sleep is learning and implementing stress management strategies. You can access the podcast for details and further commentary on this topic, along with the basic tips below!

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