Setting SMART Goals for the New Year

Hi beautiful! Traditionally speaking, people usually take the time between Christmas and New Years to evaluate how the past year has gone and decide on a some resolutions for the year to come. We like to take this tradition a step further by turning our resolutions into SMART goals. SMART goals are different from resolutions because they provide a clear path for turning your resolutions into reality.SMART stands for:

S-pecific: Goals must be clear and definitive. A specific goal will be able to answer the following questions. Why is it important to you? What do you hope to gain by accomplishing it? Who is involved in achieving the goal? What do you need to accomplish the goal?

M-easureable: Goals need to have measurable steps so you can evaluate progress. A measurable goal will help you focus, meet self-imposed deadlines and build morale as you complete each step.

A-chievable: Is your goal realistic given your resources and circumstances? Is the desired outcome truly within the realm of your control? Setting realistic goals greatly increases your chance of success.

R-elevant: How does this goal align with the other areas of your life? Is it worth the commitment right now? It’s nearly impossible to achieve goals that don’t matter to you.

T-ime-bound: Set a tentative deadline and try to stick to it. Be realistic about your time constraints and be willing to reevaluate often. If possible break big goals into small steps with multiple deadlines so you can chip away at it.

Goals help us develop a long-term vision as well as the short-term motivation we need to organize the steps, resources and time needed to bring our resolutions to fruition. In other words, goals help us breakdown a huge (and seemingly overwhelming) vision into small, manageable tasks.

Remember, if we don't have a clear sense of where we are going, we won't be able to plan how to get there. We can't wait to watch you set and crush your goals in 2018 girlfriend!