Setting Intentional Family Traditions

Hey mama! Hope you are having a wonderful Monday! Holiday traditions are often long practiced and treasured by generations but that does not mean that they are conflict free. Marriage leads to the blending of families AND traditions which can sometimes cause undue stress. As a couple, you have the tremendous responsibility of carrying on your family’s cherished traditions as well as starting your own unique family traditions.

It is SO important to acknowledge the significance and be respectful of your spouses traditions while still honoring your own. So take some time to discuss your favorite traditions or those you might want to start over a cup of hot cocoa. Work together to decide on how you make your family traditions intentional.  Remember, the purpose of holiday traditions is to help us make a connection between the past and present, teach/learn family values and establish a sense of belonging. Your traditions go so much deeper than entertainment, they truly transform the holidays into memorable and meaningful experiences that work to solidify your family bonds.


Some of our beloved and intentional family traditions are:

  1. Serving the community- Kids and adults benefit from donating time to serve their community. Some wonderful family, friendly service ideas are: volunteer at a soup kitchen, collect canned goods for a food drive, wrap presents for free, mail a care package to a deployed soldier or spend time with the residents at your local nursing home!

  2. Perform random and anonymous acts of kindness every day leading up to the New Year. These are often tiny gestures like putting coins in an expired meter, dropping a cookies off for an unsuspecting friend, holding the door open for someone or calling someone just to say hello.

  3. Reading notes from our gratitude jar at Thanksgiving dinner. This is one of our favorite traditions because it really sheds light on how many blessings we have!

  4. Decorating the Christmas tree together! Bonus tip: Mama’s let your little one’s help and resist the urge to rearrange the ornaments once they’ve gone to bed. Make sure you have shatterproof ornaments so your little ones don’t get hurt!

  5. Making and decorating homemade cookies for Santa. Again, this is not the time to focus on perfection. Let your kiddos be involved in the decorating!

  6. Sharing special meal prior to attending Christmas Mass.

  7. Shopping for special gifts to donate to those who are less fortunate.

  8. Read The Night Before Christmas on Christmas Eve. This tradition is magical for kids and grown ups alike!

  9. Attend a Christmas Pageant with family and friends. We love getting everyone together for the play and then discussing the impact that Jesus had on the world and continues to have on our lives over a meal after!

If you need a little guidance on setting intentional traditions, we think Sally Clarkson lays out some fantastic ideas in her book, The Life Giving Home. Now that we’ve shared some of our favorite traditions we want to know what your cherished and intentional family traditions are! Let us know below!