The Secret Thing I've Done To Discover My Purpose In Life

For as far back as I can remember, I’ve always been a very driven individual. As a little girl who was raised in a small fishing town in Southern Alaska, hard work was my family’s way of life and there really wasn’t anyway around it. If you ask my 9 year old self if I enjoyed chopping wood in 10 below zero temps or if completing the “chore list” before my varsity basketball game, was “fun” or a “good parenting practice” I would have immediately said “NO” (in fact, I distinctly remember telling my parents at a ripe age of 12 that I would NEVER make my kids do the dishes after dinner. LOL. We’ll see how that goes over).

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Hard work was instilled in me (and my sister) at a very young age and today as I reflect back over my life, I am truly thankful for the way my parents raised me. Hard work was our way of life and I believe it was the first layer of my foundation that led to an incredible work ethic, an intense drive for LIVING life fully, and a deep rooted passion for experiencing and sharing my unique purpose in life.


If you’ve enrolled in my postpartum plan and follow the BMAB philosophy, you know that purpose, passion, and actually living out our God given calling is something that EACH of us is equipped to experience and fulfill. In fact, if you’re not there yet and feel like you’re just rolling through the motions of life and motherhood, I highly encourage you to enroll in the postpartum plan OR grounded and glowing (select G+G if you are burdened with anxiety, stress, and overwhelm).

Many women (especially you Mommas!) have not yet awakened to the calling or purpose that lives within her. If this is  you… if you know God has placed something SO special in your heart (and HE has!) but you have yet to discover it or don’t have the confidence to share it with the world, allow me to share the tools that helped me discover my true calling and purpose in life~which ultimately leads to an abundant, joyous, and meaningful motherhood! This is YOUR sweet spot, girls!

  1. I PRAY(and continue to pray) constantly. I ask for wisdom, guidance, and creativity to discover what my ULTIMATE purpose is here on earth and actively seek to live out what I feel God has placed on my heart.

  2. I FOLLOW MY HEART. I don’t waste time scrolling on social media or worrying about what people think about me. I believe I have a HUGE message to share with the world and I do it DAILY.

  3. I WORK HARD + SMART. Many people talk about the change and things they want to accomplish in life but never follow up that thought with an action plan. If there’s a will, there’s a way, but you MUST be willing to put in the work.

  4. I DO THINGS THAT GENUINELY BRING ME AND OTHERS JOY. I believe that true passion and purpose in life come from doing things that come natural to you and bring you an incredible amount of happiness AND truly bless others.

  5. I CHECK IN WITH MY CIRCLE. My crew is my compass- my husband, sister, parents, our team here at BMAB, and close friends. My ride or dies keep me in check, grounded, humble, and assured that this is my life’s calling.

This is my heart, Mommas! It is my greatest desire that you will find purpose and passion in YOUR life as well! In doing so, not only are you living out your God given calling, but you are also showing your children how to live with confidence and how to follow their DREAMS!


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xoxo, Jen