Saying "No" Graciously

Hello sweet friends! Today’s article is all about saying “no” graciously and we think it will resonate with most of you because chances are that you’ve probably had to say “no” at least once in your life. Learning how and when to say “no” is absolutely vital for our health and wellbeing but many of us really struggle with it. Listen sister, it is amazing that you want to say yes to everyone and everything but the reality is that you only have 24 hours in the day and you simply cannot do it all nor should you try. Three of the main reasons you need to know how to say “no” graciously are:

  1. Being a yes-person all day, every day will inevitably lead to overwhelm and burnout. We talk a lot about the importance of and strategies for preventing overwhelm and burnout in our Grounded and Glowing program.

  2. Overcommitting often leads to under delivering.

  3. Biting off more than you can chew leaves you with little to no time for self-care and personal development.

All of the above scenarios end frustration and disappointment. Saying “no” might be hard at first but doing so will free up time to help you honor the commitments that you already have, prioritize the things that are important in your life and manage stress so you can truly show up and be present for who and what you care about. So how do you say “no” without coming off as rude or feeling guilty?

Consider each opportunity thoughtfully. Does this opportunity align with your goals? Does it fall in line with your priorities? Will it benefit you/your family or cause undue stress in the long-term? It is difficult to fault a person who makes thoughtful and informed decisions based on the above criteria.

Be honest and follow through with your decision.If you feel inclined, explain why you aren’t able to say yes but do so concisely. Your reason for saying “no” is valid and should be respected but in the event that someone tries to convince you otherwise do not feel guilty by following through.

Be willing to set boundaries, communicate and stick to them.This tip requires that you know what your role in the relationship/situation is so you can set appropriate the boundaries, verbalize and then stick to them. If you are unclear about what your boundaries are then it’s likely the people you interact with are also unclear about them. If you struggle with setting boundaries, then you need to set aside some time to really connect with yourself, identify your needs and understand your priorities. Boundaries are another topic we delve into in our Grounded and Glowing Program!

Be courteous in the way you respond. You can say “no” both firmly and politely; the two are not mutually exclusive. Getting the hang of this tip might just take some practice.

Remember girls, saying “no” might feel awkward at first but doing so frees you up to say “yes” to the things that matter most. Speaking of what matters most to you, we’d love to know what you prioritize in your life? Share below, on Facebook or Instagram! XOXOX