Today we’re going to tackle a topic that SO MANY OF YOU have reached out about… and that, my friends is PROCRASTINATION. Ah, yes! Procrastination... the one habit that if left out of control or mismanaged can destroy your drive, productivity, time management, and daily GRIND.

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If you’re anything like me, there are certain areas in your life where procrastination likes to creep up…. areas that we may have in common include:

So, what’s the problem with procrastination and why is it VITAL for us as modern Mommas to get a handle on it?

  1. Procrastination actually causes you to waste more time

  2. Procrastination can turn into a bad, reoccurring habit

  3. Procrastination can lead to poor self-discipline and poor self-awareness

  4. Procrastination can cause more stress in our lives, which can lead to a plethora of health problems!

  5. Procrastination is NOT a good skill to model for your children

Yikes! See how important it is for us to get a handle on this area of our life?! Mommas, I get that there are things that we just don’t want to do. I mean, HELLO- I live in a house full of Blossom men and toilets #enoughsaid …. BUT REALLY, when it comes down to it, if you and I can learn how to effectively manage our tendencies to procrastinate, LIFE CHANGES.

Here are my top 5 ways to effectively CRUSH your procrastination, even on the busiest of days! Remember, when we let procrastination creep into our daily tasks, we’re giving it an opportunity to take root in our hearts and in our homes. Let’s commit TOGETHER as BMAB women to diminish most (if not all) tendencies to procrastinate. YOU WITH ME, GIRL??!


5 ways to effectively CRUSH your procrastination

  1. Do the hardest thing first

    • This is KEY, Mommas! Most of us procrastinate on tasks we don’t want to do because it’s either hard or not enjoyable. Think about it… if you’re putting the task off all day long, you’re STILL thinking about it and your body is wasting precious energy, trying to figure out when and where this task will get done. When you do the hardest thing FIRST, you get it done with and over. This takes discipline but trust me… it feels INCREDIBLE to check it off the list.

  2. Take a step back and gain CONTROL over your calendar.

    • Another reason so many Mommas procrastinate on tasks is due tot he fact that her schedule feels out of control. As a coping mechanism, it’s easier to avoid items or events all together rather then actually showing up and getting things DONE. So, here’s my message for you. Get really good at becoming self-aware. Know your schedule. Know what you can handle. Know what your family needs. If you’ve signed up for too much, learn to say no. Pull back the throttle, gals. We don’t need to live at a 100 MPH pace. You DO have the power to gain control over your calendar again!

  3. BATCH

    • Batching is an incredible way to MAXIMIZE your time in order to MINIMIZE overwhelm. When we’re overwhelmed, we often have a tendency to NOT want to complete the tasks at hand. However, when you batch things like cooking, meal-prep, appointments, bills, and calls, you’ll free up more time for healthier and productive living.

  4. Don’t multi-task

    • Think about it, if you are doing 4 things at once, NOTHING is getting your full attention or 100% effort. In order to do things well, don’t jump around. Complete the task at hand with 100% attention and THEN move to the next.

  5. Prioritize and Identify

    • Prioritize the things in your day that MUST get done. Are there items in your day that are just time fillers or wasters? If so, get rid of them! You must also identify WHY you might fill your day with procrastination or time filling/wasting tasks. When you can prioritize and identify, you’ll be able to successfully move through any murky water and will be WELL on your way to living in true abundance!

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