Prepare Your Body For Pregnancy with OUR FAVE....PregPrep!

FTC Disclaimer: Product and Compensation Were Received. All opinions are my own.

Prepare Your Body For Pregnancy with OUR FAVE….PregPrep!

Ladies, we have SUCH an amazing company (and new Mommy OBSESSION!) to share with you and your future pregnancy! A few months back Courtney and I (our executive director) were researching for THE BEST pregnancy prep brand. It didn’t take us long before finding PregPrep and since then… we have been absolutely HEAD OVER HEELS with all things PregPrep!

Before I get started, I want you ladies to remember two things.

  1. Finding and connecting with THE BEST Maternal + Pediatric Companies is our absolute priority in helping better you health, vitally, and wellbeing. That being said, PregPrep is of NO exception! We know you will absolutely FALL. IN. LOVE. with their message, passion, brand, and products!

  2. PregPrep is my favorite brand for expecting Mommas and those trying to conceive (TTC). My husband (Brian) and I have personally used PregPrep for months now and look forward to sharing our #BabyBlossom journey via PregPrep with you, ladies!

Alright, gals… let us jump to it! I want to break down our time together today in three simple sections.

First, I would love to tell you more about Blossom To Be Fit’s OBSESSION with PregPrep and the 411 on all things PregPrep!

Second, we will go over our personal favorite products, the Complete Conception + Male FertilPrep

Third, I will talk about the importance and basic how-to’s of YOU preparing your body with supplementation during pregnancy (and even before!)

  • Okay, Okay… It’s TOTALLY TRUE. From all of us here at Blossoming Mommy and Baby... We have a TOTAL OBSESSION with PregPrep!

Anything that is doctor formulated and backed with years of research guided by a renown OB/GYN in regards to pregnancy prep immediately has my attention. You ladies know how important it is to proactively prepare your body for pregnancy and PregPrep truly supports a safe, supportive, and effective conception. Additionally, you ladies know that when you work hard to support your fertility and your husband’s fertility through healthy lifestyle practices and supplementation (especially supplementation using PregPrep!), you are truly enhancing your chance of conception. BONUS? PregPrep also has a lineup for men so both you and your husband are supporting optimal preparation and fertilization!

  • Product MUST: COMPLETE CONCEPTION + MALE FERTILPREP. Brian and I have been using Preg Prep Complete Conception + Male FertilPrepand absolutely adore this power-packed blend! Side-note: Brian is SO CUTE, ladies. He LITERALLY takes his male fertilprep every morning with his breakfast (such a proud wife moment!). Complete Conception + Male FertilPrep is absolutely key for you AND your husband to take control over your fertility journey. Here is the delicious breakdown of your complete conception kit, my dear!

    • FertilPrep (For Females!)

      1. What is is: NAC (N-acetyle Cysteine) is the key ingredient here. In simple lingo, this ingredient essentially is used to help thin mucus secretions and to dissolve viscous mucus, ultimately thinning out that cervical mucus to help with sperm transportation to the woman’s egg. NAC is also an antioxidant, which is not only a bonus fertility ingredient but also helps to fight off free radicals in the body! Also included: Chaste Berry Extract +Primrose Oil.

      2. How to use: One tablet, twice a day (morning and night) for ten days, beginning on day 5 of your cycle!

    • VitaPrep (For Females!)

      1. What it is: Folic Acid (600 mcg), Vitamin D, Vitamin B-12. Absolutely essential components for facilitation of healthy development for your baby. Folic acid is a key ingredient in which many studies have shown that an adequate amount may help reduce the chance of a brain or spinal cord birth defect.

      2. How to use: Take one tablet and allow to fully dissolve on the tongue! EASY PEASY!

    • Male FertilPrep (For Males!)

      1. What it is: N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC), Vitamin C, Folate, Zinc, Selenium. This power-packed lineup helps to support the sperm’s concentration (numbers), motility (ability to swim), and morphology (shape), making it absolutely vital for optimal conception.

      2. How to use: Take two capsules twice a day (morning/night)

  • Why should you be preparing your body with supplementation, before and during pregnancy?

You ladies know that I always teach on the importance of preparing your body for optimal fertility and conception. Although nutrition is a fantastic way to do this, it is not the only way, nor should it be your only practice! As a proactive woman, I would love if (and highly recommend!) you discuss with your doctor or medical provider the importance of supplementation in preparation for baby. Supplementation is absolutely vital for laying the foundation for a healthy pregnancy and healthy baby. With PregPrep Complete Conception + Male FertilPrepBrian and I are able to capitalize both the female and male reproductive system in hopes that Baby Blossom #1 will make his/her first appearance here soon! Ladies, if you are on the road to growing your family, look no further! PregPrepis our 100% recommendation and one brand that you should forever hold close to your heart and fertility journey! Be sure to check out PregPrep HERE and our FAVE Complete Conception + Male FertilPrep!


Medical Disclaimers:*Not intended for infertility.*No evaluated by FDA *Always  consider your own medical needs.

FTC Disclaimer: Product and Compensation Were Received. All opinions are my own.