My Postpartum Weightloss Journey

Postpartum and Weightloss… seems like a question that might just be on every Momma’s mind after baby, right? (maybe even your own, too?!)  If you find yourself struggling with these two topics, you’re in luck girl! Today I’ll be sharing my own journey through the postpartum period and will be providing 5 solid takeaways for you to apply to YOUR POSTPARTUM JOURNEY in hopes that you will be inspired and encouraged to take immediate action in order to truly live your happiest and healthiest after baby.

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Let me share a little background with you Mommas before I give you my tips, all of which have been tremendously successful in helping me shed and sustain a healthy post-baby weight. First. I was SO that woman prior to getting pregnant who claimed to eat healthy, have a green smoothie everyday, and NEVER eat unhealthy foods (like pizza and nachos…. I mean come on, Brody James loved himself some CHEESE). NEWSFLASH!


  • The sight of vegetables made be nauseated

  • The texture of smoothies sent me overboard

  • Sweets were not preferred

  • Cheese, carbs, and chips ranked HIGH on the list

  • Running hurt

  • The list goes on…

My mind had a beautiful idea of what a healthy pregnancy would look like, but in reality, I figured out REAL quick that my body was craving otherwise. So, here my battle was. How can I make this the healthiest pregnancy when I’m having aversions to so many foods I used to love and crave foods that I normally wouldn’t? My friends- you ROLL WITH IT.

Make the healthiest choices you can each day. Honor your body. Creatively search for ways to add fruits and vegetables into your diet. Limit or completely omit the amount of processed foods in your home AND move your body in a way that feels GOOD.

After Brody James was born, I knew it was time to get back into the swing of things. I didn’t necessarily let myself go during pregnancy, rather, I had to get really good at eating well, despite having strong aversions to vegetables, meat, and the normal foods I consumed prior to getting pregnant. (If you need help in this area, please consider joining our Abundant Motherhood Club. This is where I store all of my healthy recipes and remedies, PERFECT for getting yourself and your family back on track with healthy and tasty dishes!)

To date, exactly 5 months postpartum, I am down 51 pounds and back into my pre-pregnancy clothes. I still have 10 pounds to go until I am at “pre-baby” weight, however, I’m not worried. I am exclusively breastfeeding Brody and for my body, it is hanging onto the last 10 lbs, which I anticipate will go away once I stop breastfeeding (which I am hoping to continue with feeding until at least 12 months). I have achieved such significant weight loss and vitality after baby following my postnatal method, Blossom After Baby! If you are currently on your postpartum journey and find yourself struggling to get back after babe.. this is your answer!

Blossom After Baby is the secret formula to your BEST life after baby. Blossom After Baby is our carefully and strategically cultivated postnatal program that uses cutting edge nutrition, fitness, homemaking, and spiritual principles to help YOU take charge of your health, happiness, and longevity as a modern, busy Momma.  JOIN THE MOMMA REVOLUTION TO BE YOUR HEALTHIEST + HAPPIEST AFTER BABY, HERE!

Below I’ll be sharing 5 main takeaways that you can apply to YOUR postpartum journey in order to optimize your vitality and wellness after babe! These are the 5 main principles that helped me be so successful on my journey!

  1. Once you get cleared from your doctor, start working out!

  2. One of the BIGGEST challenges after baby is finding the TIME to workout. Whether you have 1 kiddo or 5 littles, having children at home means your schedule and the clock is always changing. BUT, this doesn’t mean that your workouts should! Once you get the okay from your doctor to start working out again, it’s all about FINDING + MAKING the time in your day for YOUR workout.

    • If needed, break your workouts up into multiple sections throughout the day!

      1. Consistency is KEY! Don’t throw in the towel just because it’s early or late… leave flexibility in your day to get it done!

      2. Plan your workouts for the week ahead- always have at least two places in your day where you can work out! That way, if something comes up during the first time slot, you have a backup time ready! And if the first time works out, you have some mama time

  3. Have a smoothie every DAY!

  4. Have 1 green smoothie AND 1 protein smoothie a day- preferably your green smoothie late morning (before noon) and your protein smoothie later in the afternoon. This flow helps to nourish your body and helps to sustain appropriate blood sugar levels throughout your day and into the evening. For me personally, my green smoothie is the first meal of the day around 10-11 am and my protein smoothie always comes later as a pre-dinner snack around 4-5pm.

    • If you need help making your smoothies, come dive into the Abundant Motherhood Club! You’ll gain immediate access to all. the. recipes.

    • If you want to score the ultimate smoothie builder guide (showing you my exact step by step formula for creating hundreds of smoothies), it’s an AWESOME part of the Postnatal Program, Blossom After Baby!

  5. Ditch all processed foods (seriously, clean this area out of your home).

  6. Time for you to master cleaning and purging inside your kitchen! Mommas, hear me when I say that this is going to be painful. It’s going to hurt when you see uneaten food leave your home, but if you want results and real life change, don’t wait around and eat it until it’s gone. Throw it away or Donate it to the Food Bank.

  7. Eat close to the EARTH

  8. Lean meats, fruits, vegetables, grains, lean proteins, minimal to no dairy, minimal to no gluten

  9. Nourish on healthy snacks throughout the day

  10. Stay hydrated!

  11. Lastly, Take Care of YOU!

  12. This may be one of the hardest for us Mommas to swallow… but self-care is 100% non-negotiable and is directly related to overall weightless and wellbeing. If it’s so important, then why is it SO hard for us as mothers to take care of ourselves? We’re constantly serving others (LITERALLY) and find it SELFISH to want to take care of ourselves, right? Let me help you reframe your mindset in signature BMAB style… TO TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF AS A MOTHER IS NOT SELFISH. IN FACT, IT’S A NECESSITY FOR YOU TO BE THE BEST MOMMA YOU CAN BE!Self-Care as a BMAB Momma is 100% NON-NEGOTIABLE.

  13. WHY?

  • In order to be the BEST version of you (as a woman, wife, and mother), you MUST take care of yourself.

  • When you are depleted, you’re more likely to blow up at your kids and husband… AND you’re more likely to throw in the towel when it comes to eating well, exercising, reading the Word, and cultivating healthy relationships.

  • Your kids deserve a Mom who takes care of herself- physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. BONUS: You’ll be teaching THEM to do the same as well!

  • Self-care isn’t always a spa day (although that is TOTALLY acceptable and hey… we aren’t gonna complain :)).

  • Self care is a way of life that says mom matters too.

  • Constantly living in stress and in an overwhelmed state of mind will negatively impact your health and wellbeing. Can you see the importance of taking care of YOU on the regular? It may be a new concept or even a new addition to your lifestyle, but it is VITAL. Honor yourself and commit to this practice.

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