Positive Mindset: Change Your Thoughts.... It will CHANGE YOUR LIFE!!

Happy Monday, Sister! You know we're all about living with intention and positivity here at Blossoming Mommy and Baby, so today I wanted to take a little bit of time to share with you my sacred tips for evaluating your thoughts and changing them to help grow, shape, and positively change the way that YOU LIVE! I preach on the importance of mental health inside Grounded + Glowingso today's spin off is going to be KEY in helping you navigate and welcome in a new, fresh season into your journey. (PS:If you’re an audio listener like me, be sure to listen in to this blog on our podcast show on iTunes- you’ll love it!)

Tip #1: Be Present + Thankful for what you HAVE 

Ouch... this rule is SO hard for modern Mommas to live by today. In an ever growing world of social media, unless you have KILLER discipline, it's hard to be totally present, as technology constantly grabs for your attention and energy. Ladies, here's the thing.... life's greatest blessings are RIGHT in front of you! Your children, husband, homes, job, homemaking, hobbies... all of it! This truly is what life is about. Release the need to constantly check your phone or the latest Facebook or Instagram update... is it really that important to keep up with strangers on the internet or your old high school friends? NO. It's time for you to prioritize and protect your time and to fully be present with those around you. Now, hear my heart.... I'm not saying social media is bad. In fact, I love it! But I use it in a very disciplined way. I don't scroll and don't waste my time. I connect with my tribe and share with my community, but other than that I'm in and out... AND I NEVER waste time away from my loved ones to mindlessly scroll. This week, I want you to PRACTICE being present. It may take a bit of time, but YOU CAN DO IT! Also, as you continue to work on actually being present and PUTTING THE PHONE DOWN, be mindful of what you have. So often we are comparing our life to those online and those around us, always wanting what "they have" or desiring more and more and more and more....... here's the thing, guys. If you neglect to recognize and honor what you have now, you will NEVER have enough. Be grateful and content with what God has blessed you with now. Honor it. Take care of it. And I promise... it will be enough! Change your heart, Change your thinking... CHANGE YOUR LIFE.

Tip #2: WORK ON BETTERING YOURSELF, Not changing others

Again... OUCH. You ladies know I speak the truth! So let's just get to it... instead of spending countless energy trying to change other people (which hello..... it's like a golden rule of life, you can't CHANGE other people... you can influence, but ultimately, they must be willing and wanting to change themselves). Think about it, if you filter the energy and time you would spend on trying to convince or sway other people on YOURSELF, investing in yourself and your mind through your encouraging or educating podcasts (hello The Blossoming Mommy and Baby Show! :-) ), books, blogs, church services, mentors, and more, your soul and mind will be TRANSFORMED. Personal growth is so important, my friends. I'm a huge advocate inside all of our programs: Membership community, G+G, Pregnancy Prep, The Postnatal Method: Blossom After Baby, on teaching the power and importance of personal growth. If you're not feeding your mind, you're going to stand still. Powerful, positive thinking is a skill that is learned and one that so many people lack today. If you're feeling rusty in this area.. come join one of our programs above! I promise you'll be amazed at what you are capable of!

Tip #3: Watch Your Words!

What we speak, we give LIFE TO! If you're speaking love and encouragement and positivity over your children and your home, your space will radiate with powerful energy. On the contrary, if you're always in a bad mood or have negative thoughts and words coming from your mouth, well... let's just say ICK. The energy, the relationships, and the attitudes........ Moms, this really starts with you! Remember, you have the power to speak truth over your home... if you don't, who will? G+G students, you guys know this so WELL!

  • Watch what you say to yourself

  • Remove hate and other negative words from your vocabulary

  • Replace "I have to" with "I get to"

  • Choose to speak LIFE over your life, your children, and your family

Tip #4:  START and END your day with a positive action 

Whether this is bible reading, devotion reading, nighttime prayer with your kiddos, bath time, a fresh new read, cozying up on the couch, listening to jazz music, family game nights, or all the above.... it's SUPER important that you are taking time to INTENTIONALLY  start and end each day with a positive activity. Even if you're groggy or feeling BLAH, make yourself do it. I promise, your mind and those in your home will be influenced by your doings. Go, Momma Go!

XOXO, Jennifer

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